Faithful Fearlessness

Faithful Fearlessness?

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 April 12, 2019

Those of strong faith are fearless. Strong faith in anything reduces or eliminate all fears other than practical fears that supports our well being. To belong to a faith is an entirely different thing and typically of a religion. Fears come in all different sizes and colors like irrational fears, phobias, agliophobia or fear of pain, Arachnophobia or fear spiders, generalized anxiety disorders and on and on. A fear for everything it seems. 

The fear that is most unrecognized and with the greatest implication is the fear of love. First, you must love yourself or you will have the fear of loving another intimately. Fear of letting go in love is a buffer to love. Love that goes deep is where fears disappear. On the journey to that space, it’s necessary that if you are focused on letting your heart open more, a releasing of the attachment to past negatives happens. It’s necessary to have faith in the ‘journey’. There needs to be ‘no fear’ and total faith that love will come and overwhelm your whole life. Any doubt is bringing fear of some degree which splits two powerful emotions, supporting fear the most. Loving can hurt when things get difficult or broken, but have strong faith that love inside you will make you better, and as I’ve experienced, it surely will. 

Faith is a decision, a total decision to move into totally. It’s a  resolution of trust with nothing held back. A total commitment. In a way a jump into the abyss where there is no looking back. Total faith of course is not without common sense for obvious alertness which is not unnecessary fear, but from a ‘practical fear’ as in crossing a street with traffic. Fear is that which prevents you from moving into faith. Fear means half of you wants to go, but half doesn’t want to. A split mind is a win for fear. 

Fear is to move into something that Is the unknown. The known doesn’t require fear or faith as it’s already known. The fearful mind wants to go ahead and yet not go ahead out of fearfulness. Those who are not afraid become faithful. Faith is a resolution. It’s the old saying, anything divided against itself will fail, and that includes indecision between fear and faith. Always you need to look into your early roots of why the fear? It’s time to stop beating up on yourself into uncertainties. Be free of fears of the unknown with strong faith. Being of right mind, open heart and with unbreakable faith, it will support the positive and loves help. Be not a prisoner of the past, but unblocked and free to flow with life’s gifts.

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