I Q Scam!

I Q Scam !

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 April 10, 2010

Let’s just touch on a few thoughts of this human measurement of mental abilities, and if they make for a better personal and social world.

Would a Jesus have done well on an IQ test if it measured just cognitive ability compared to a measurement of EQ or ‘emotional quotient’? In the world today, with many high paying jobs, a valuable measuring stick of future employees for employers is how well they did on their ‘intellectual’ test coupled with high marks in institutes of higher learning. Certainly, a persons ability to solve complex problems is a valuable asset for success of the bottom financial line of most any money making endeavors.

Do high intellects run our country at the ignoring of intelligence which has no standard measuring stick, and yet the letters ‘IQ’ are claimed to measure ‘intelligence’ when actually they primarily measure intellect or ‘cognitive ability? 

I have a friend who was born with a near ‘total recall ability’ otherwise know as ‘eidetic’ ability,or a photographic memory. On the one hand, a marvelous quality!  In fact, he was the Executive Producer of the first  popular making of the movie, ‘Total Recall’! To be honest, and he admits it, his social and personal interaction skills fall far below an average  persons quality. The eidetic memory is like taking a helicopter to the top of a mountain where others have to learn all the sills necessary to get to the same point in the old fashion way – they learned it step by step using all the aspects of intelligence. The question that arises, ‘is a photographic memory really equivalent to intellect as with the one who has an average memory.

Sending astronauts to the moon takes intellect. Living well there would take many abilities beyond intellect. If a god sent humans to the planet earth using just intellect, there would be the same result. Eons of chaos like now! Why? Left up to man and his shortcomings of the many aspects of intelligence unnecessary problems are never ending. Intelligence is used effectively by only a tiny minority while the world is run on ability to make money with little attention to the ‘seven deadly sins’ plus those sins hidden and not mentioned. We have the world chaos today with high technological achievements interspersed with ignorance and obvious shortcomings in development of the inner qualities of man such as awareness and use of discernment in all actions for the best choice. There real quality that holds life together in harmony is love of self, but is almost nowhere to be found.

WE may be able to measure intellect, but craziness is beyond measure. We collectively live in a crazy world ruled by intellect and self serving aspects without the development of the many hidden qualities of the emotional, life, positivity, and love qualities. Humans are imprisoned in the failings of a live of love and freedom. Now is an open window for all to be free and fly through life with superconsciousness into the illimitable beyond.


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