Free My Soul

Free My Soul?

April 6, 2019 

Pain in your soul is being not sure if you want to be you anymore. Give yourself the joy of life and love! Give to others to make your soul more free. Your soul needs ‘organic’ food from your mind and heart. Organic thinking and feeling is without the ‘pesticides’ made by ‘you’ (not Monsanto). Those pesticides are ‘overkill’ negatives stored in your body tissues if not let go of and replaced by positivity. All our ills seemingly are created by allowing our ‘soul’ or inner being to be peppered by negatives without positive thoughts and feelings to send them packing. 

Be with love in your heart. The mind has little qualities for inner growth. The echoes of our spiritual being come to us all the time. They come in thoughts and things, in music and pictures, in emotions and words. If only we would take up the search for their source and trace them to it, we would recognize in the end the reality, beauty, truth, and goodness behind all the familiar manifestations. Life is complicated in the mind. The best use of mind is when it is nurtured and softened while connected to the open heart.

When the ‘going gets tough, the tough keep going’ meaning, when the situation becomes  difficult, the strong will work harder to meet the challenge. Sometimes, when we are in a tough situation, inspirational quotes or sayings can help us calm down and focus on what we need to do. However,  sometimes the secret to survival is knowing when to hold and when to fold. Quitting on anything that comes from the heart is rarely a good option especially when it comes to loving yourself deeper where it’s never just a choice, but a choiceness choice to let the heart overflow and with awareness.

Being happy is ‘alright’ and yet a complacent questionable self evaluation for nearly all people. To be excited about life and love is not something that most can say that they are. You’ve been dealt life at the most unique time in life. What a deal! Do the best possible with that deal. Life can be a human eater and will chew you up without awareness of mind and heart connection with discernment of choices. Habits are good, annoying to others, or  destructive. Let go of bad ones and replace with good ones. There is no addiction just a false perception and laziness to elevat yourself. Cut corners in life to lead a well rounded life. You could call it ‘restyling’ to see what your inner qualities that sleep unless activated, come out of the dark and into the light. Arhatra~

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