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 March 30, 2019

In the shadows of conversation, with it’s often emptiness of heartfelt communication, rests like a  ‘lady in waiting’ for recognition, ‘Godversation’. Conversation often is no more than idle gossip or empty talk to keep two or more people in continued connection. A house is not a home as conversation is not necessarily communication. Through awareness of possibilities of interchange of thoughts and a discernment of whether it’s ‘mind oriented’, or from a deeper compassionate space, you will find that down home in the heart is an energy that makes a bonding that will take the meeting to a higher level.

‘God’ is a metaphor for an analogy of the universal love that cannot meet any definition, but like a finger pointing to the moon, isn’t the moon, but only an attempt to provide the best explanation available to what the moon means to our life on the planet. My three favorite points about ‘god’ are: 1 – There is no  god; 2 – there is a God; 3 – Both are a lie! Best to assume, without questioning, that the air you breath is there for you, and to examine the veracity is foolish as thinking that maybe the sun is a hologram of your imagination.

Making love, or choosing to have sex for just your joy is the difference between godversation and conversation. In conversation, for all of its value, it has a certain emptiness that words  exchanged from the full heart will better reach far deeper in meaning. 

Billions of years before the story of Jesus something existed that organized ‘things’, and you know most everything in the universe is well organized, the day and nights with the sun coming out and then setting, the seasons for 365 days per year, the earth staying just the right distance from the sun, the tides, on and on. Someone (on) came up with the English word, ‘God’ to call that which gives life. Maybe the word was from dropping the ‘o’ out of good? Most of life is a mystery beyond what any of us know or will ever. No need to call the mysterious life giving force ‘Our heavenly father’. Many choices are available for calling the mysteriousness we call God. Why believe there is no god or there is. Belief has doubt within it. Know!

To know is ‘the canary in the coal mind and heart of truth’. Love, in its deep sense of yourself, is the canary singing that, ‘lo and behold’ you’ve hit the love song. Love makes life sweeter, as well as it is there to access in times of the many challenges that do and will come as opportunities to find the best way to handle them. Be focused on keeping life ‘up a notch’! Love and freedom make life more in tune with the godliness always present. That’s why it’s called the ‘present’.

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