Spiritualizing the Swamp

Spiritualizing the Swamp

April 4, 2019 

Come out of nowhere and into life, seeing that you can make a difference in the quality of your own life that will potentially improve others lives. People today are the anthropomorphic likeness of a chicken being chased. It doesn’t know which way to go. A popular phrase today in politics is ‘draining the swamps’. Those ‘swamps’ socially and politically consist of individuals and organizations that have a hidden agenda which when exposed do not fit with other people’s perceptions of being transparent of right thinking and actions.

Letting go of bad habits is ‘draining the swamp’ of behaviors of bad that are impediments to personal and social evolvements. You need to get beyond your own perception to an impartial viewpoint of what is ‘swamp land’. People’s views are often unclear as they carry a ‘swampland’ on their own shoulders while refusing to acknowledge it. Keen self observation of oneself and also from the observation of those who seem free of impediments of interaction is a technique to adjust to higher quality habits. 

Just because you were taught certain behaviors doesn’t mean that they are the best choices. Many were raised by adults who never let go of their swamp of bad habits. Letting go needs the additive of ‘spiritualizing’ or evolving characteristics to the highest level. The curse of that, of course, is that you will see with eyes wide open, experiencing those who sling their ‘mental/emotional swamp’ at you to deal with. The aware student of life who has let go of most or all of the ‘swamps’ must find ways to deal with those who haven’t. Loving yourself will always seek better ways to do that and harmoniously position yourself to best deal with all encounters. That could be called ‘spiritualizing’ life and love.

Life, especially in these times, is a unique opportunity to evolve by opening the heart and making choices to move to a ‘superconsciousness being’ rather than just leading a stunted inner growth life. Sitting around and waiting for that to happen or not even seeing that you are a godly work of art that only you must put the finishing touches on is to miss the treasures of life. You were bequeathed with only one ‘you’ and that best you is inside of the outer. You must love yourself first to really deeply love another to the ultimate degree. Deep self love is to spiritualize the journey of removing the swamps and accepting the replacing benedictions of the mysteries of love’s shining. Be free and in the realm of inner self love.

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