Hate Opposite of Love?? 

Hate Opposite of Love?

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 March 27, 2019

Prettifying what is accepted as common sense is a mind trick into stupidification of the consciousness of the masses. Let’s not insist on hate as being the opposite of love. They are both on the same track of emotions. Real love comes from within apart from loving anyone else and never turns to ‘hate’. Hate comes from the souring and incompleteness of love that was always ‘not enough love’. Perhaps love doesn’t need an opposite, but more of itself to protect against all ‘invaders’ of negativity.

If love has an enemy, ‘indifference’ is that, and yet the front door of love with it’s compassion will always have a backdoor to let out those not loving themselves reflecting and dimming down love’s compassion. Indifference to love gives little energy in life to turning up the inner dimmer switch to see the light that is always there and available to those focused on brightening the love energy. Indifference is to live in the outer world with it’s many bumps  creating wear and tear on you who ignore the elixir of love being filled in the heart without the negative ingredients that clog its flow. 

Negativity begets negativity even to the point of not seeing positivity when it stands before you.  Apathy or indifference and the denial of it, is like floating in a stagnate pond that even the fish have long ago died off. Years go by and the joy of living and loving are no more than occasional guests for fleeting moments.

Who do you call when you’re plumbing is clogged throughout your house? Of course, a good plumber to open up the flow of water. In matters of love and the heart, ignoring them from having a flow will one day make you wonder if there really is love as you become the restless, negative mind wanting it to change, but being to busy to call on the only plumber that can clear the impediments – YOU! Money can’t really buy real love because the wealth needed is in the ‘ locked safe of the heart. Only YOU have the key to the heart. No one else does. Love may open for a moment, but if not pure within, will malfunction sooner than not. 

Love is dying to find you open to it! Shift gears and go in the right direction. Stick to the shift too! Change is the only permanent thing. It’s a time to embrace life’s greatest gift – love! Life isn’t fair? Fairness is a myth, let go and be in the heart! Go where love is – inside you!

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