Spiritual Money Baggage

Spiritual Money Baggage

February 20, 2019

Money can be an expression of love, compassion, and empathy for yourself and others, especially in personal situations. Love of money could be called the ‘root of all evil’, but using money with love is part of the root of goodness! ‘Loving acts’ in your life accumulate like in a ‘love bank’. There are times when you need to count on the accumulation of that love in challenging situations. Leading a loving life of integrity and kindness will always be ‘ready accumulated energy’ when needed and vice versa if little consideration has been to others feelings. 

Management of money is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. How the management is done is a reflection of your self worth and self love. How you handle the personal distribution of money agreements with others is a clear reflection of your empathy quality for any you have an agreement with. The denial of that when another is left  unfulfilled with a mutual agreement is in a sense an attack on respect that could be called a ‘money sucker punch’ or a selfish expression with little empathy of the others feelings.

Couples who have money problems and blame the dysfunction in their marriage on it are missing the real point. Their love is not strong, but like their money issues, nearly bankrupt. People who  have a lot of ‘self worth love’ as well as that in a partnership know how to positively deal with all issues, money being a main one. I can say from experience, that where strong love is, always everything is dealt from that space and doesn’t cause ‘mind frictions’. Shortage of love and it’s infinite qualities always finds ‘balance’ and positive ways of dealing with all.

It’s not how much money you have, but it’s how you use and manage it with sensitivity, and love, and to no one harm, or to challenge their trust in you to fulfill your agreements to their intended recipients satisfaction. Empathy is one of the many qualities of love where you have concern for the others feelings. Frivolousness and disregard for monetary commitments transfers over to dysfunctional love of self and another. All inner qualities are interdependent, especially the ones that involve another. Integrity, is another quality of love, and is happily married to love. 

Let your money problems and/or the problems your problems are causing others discomfort be seen and felt like a ‘canary in the mine shaft’ to warn you that you’re not paying enough attention to the values forgotten because of non attention to self love. Habits are either good ones or bad ones. Be mindful of making an effort of trading in the bad ones for ‘good habits’. ‘Being spiritual’ or conscious begins with basics, and thoughtfulness with money is one of the most important primary qualities. In a choice between little money and lots of love vs lots of money and struggling love – take where love flows. Money is overrated, and love is underrated!

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  1. Arhata, how can we reconcile money with love and avoid conflicts? Money needs mind to be calculated: money to spare needs good care. Otherwise, there is a risk of ending up on the street. Money is always limited, hence imposes limits on your monetary policy.
    On the other hand, love has no size, it cannot be counted, weighed, measured. It must be shared totally. Two brain semispheres don’t know each other, do they?
    When business enters your soul, you’ll become calculative, you’ll want a return on investment. Wouldn’t the ‘love bank’ concept contaminate your generosity? Because when someone is not satisfied with allocated amount of cash, it doesn’t mean you love them less. They would ask: ‘‘Is your love worth these mere x dollars and y cents?’’. You would reply: “My March love limit has been overrun due to raised competition lately. I should revise my portfolio of the beloved projects to balance the budget out. Meanwhile, you are on hold, sweetheart…”
    Thank you for raising such a provocative issue. As always, it’s big pleasure to ponder on.

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