Love Will Find You

February 11, 2019

Love for most is like a shooting star on a cloudy night. Air will find you, not you finding the air. Unbeknownst to all but the blessed, love is in the air, all one has to do is breath, but most have been damaged from taking that first breath by lack of full love. All, but the few that are blessed with lots of love from the beginning, have congested ‘filters in their mind connected to the heart’ that also are clogged to prevent the full experience of love.

In an attempt to make it more understandable, those ‘filters’ are like screens with holes for love energy to pass through. The screens working well, plug up when external circumstances are unacceptable to the ‘mind-heart’ journey. Unpleasantness to traumatic events cause the ‘screens’ to adjust to a more defensive closed state if abused. Negative challenges that are not loving can set the fragile protective barrier on alert to process what ever comes in to it’s best ability. The ‘so called’ filter can become damaged or stopped up, and only sensitive, pro active healing can fix it. 

That healing energy to fix it, is love itself. Either that love comes from another or it may be self healing through forms of what’s called meditation through deep meditating to open ‘itself’ as the love flowing energy. To be ‘stuck’ with the blockage is to miss life’s aromas and fragrances that love energy brings freely. 

Love is always asking ‘why’ don’t you let me in, instead causing unnecessary hurt and pain that only love itself can heal. The mind is both a friend as well as an enemy when there is a barrier for it’s flowing. Love hurts as it’s left in the dark when it’s needed most. ‘Fools go where angels fear to tread’ is an old saying that can be reinterpreted as the mind allowing negative experiences even if not at first noticed, where the angel or heart is not listened to. It’s time to always have a brave heart that has the freedom to guide you and be friends with your positive mind. The heart is like the ‘canary in the mine/mind shaft to sing when happy and hurt when left out of any friendly experience. The heart is always young and free naturally, but for it’s damage that created all types of fears.

Move with an open heart like a flowing river unimpeded by a dam or blockage. The heart is an angel to protect your life, love and soul. Pay attention and discerning.

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