Ya Hadda Bad Day!

Ya Hadda Bad Day!?

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February 17, 2019

Had one particular bad day in Manhattan of New York City. Lost my first job as a corporate salesman after four good years. Two good things came from it, the second I didn’t find out until the past few years. The first good that came from losing a job was that with a friend I started up a small company the next week that we’d been planning for months. The second good thing took a few decades to see. My girlfriend at the time canceled a dinner date with a well known celebrity to keep me company out of compassion. Three or four years ago he became front page news as a user of ‘date rape drugs’. He is the famous comedian, Bill Cosby who recently went to prison for the activity that abused many females.

Often things happen ‘for a reason’, but we may never know that reason, and in rare cases the reason may show up much, much later. Life has challenge after challenge, and sometimes with drama. When we are strong within ourself with positivity and heartfelt ability to use the best reasoning while accepting the emotional setbacks in the best possible ways, life is healthier, and with little or manageable stress.

The secret to ‘bad days’ is how the ‘shrapnel’ or dissonance from them is managed so as to not negatively affect you beyond your ability to rationally handle the internal effects. Focusing on all ways to best meet the negative phenomenon occurring is prudent for a better, healthier life. Self love is key. Those who have a low amount of it need all mind and heart help to increase that inner love as much as possible. Making meditating a focus, disengages unnecessary mind attachments that in turn cause stress. Meditating will soften, let go and clear the mind for the ability to best deal with all situations.

In addition, upon beginning everyday, try to reflect on how fortunate you are. Count your blessings. Everyone has problems and many people focus on them and are very unhappy.Your choice! Focus on your blessings and experience happiness because you choose to. As a result, you bring happiness to many others, and in turn their kindness brings you even more happiness. Life is like a bank account as you age year in and year out, you withdraw from what you’ve put into it. 

Stop being kidnapped into negative ‘self brainwashing’! Get out of the lethargy matrix that has become like quicksand for all inner evolvement, and move into deeper self love. It’s a better ‘matrix’ than the man on the street, be it Wall Street or homeless street, and both streets are filled with homeless people. Home is in the heart and between the ‘two ears’! You will survive, but….Walk out the door of negativity instead and seek out how to love yourself deeply. It’s easy even if life hasn’t been that easy from the beginning. Be born again in the spirit. Love is the reality!

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  1. How has your business been getting on since? Could Cosby have been caught on the day your girlfriend was supposed to have dinner with, and not in another 3 years?
    Vision is 20:20 in hindsight. But we tend to paint it the way we would like to see it. Anyway, good or bad are extremely subjective and ever-changing concepts. Life’s what we make it. If you make it a bank account, be prepared that some day the bank may go bankrupt. And it certainly will.
    Self-love and meditation are key things I agree upon one hundred per cent. In meditation and in harmony with the inner self you will lose count of blessings, so don’t even start counting them.
    I hope your business has been getting on well and your girlfriend is happy with you (or just happy). Was your job loss the real cause of the effects that followed?

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