Love is Optional

Love is Optional? 
February 7, 2019

Most things that are free in life are optional. Some of those ‘optionals’ are positive, some are negative. Reality is, most things that are optional attract very little interest or the ‘open window’ of timing has passed. Wanting to become a pro athlete for example has many roadblocks including no passion to do so or the passion to is fruitless perhaps do to age or deficiency in any number of abilities. How, when, where, with whom we are born may have it’s mysteries, but there appears to be little option. The real options come as we go through life.

Procrastination of what’s within reach is an optional choice that generally is put off until the freedom to do something is cued up far behind other duties or desires. Life gives many free options early on, but as life is replaced with new options during aging, some like ‘wisdom’ only come if we picked the best options.

Negative habits that are unaddressed are like weeds in a garden. Fuel procrastination and choices that add very little to the inner joys of life, and it in turn will avoid life’s inner blessings.   Good news is that, inner freedoms are one step at a time, and very much ‘like you’ who decides to be or do anything. The secret is ‘doing it’! Letting go of all obstacles including procrastination opens the doors to a new reality. Order and sensitivity in everything you do coupled with picking the best of options in all things that are doable is a blessing that comes with freedom. Most deserve the vast majority of happenings as their ‘lot in life’, including the rich or otherwise blessed.

Even the rich have burdens that the poor don’t have including their fear of losing their wealth, Generally, people get what they create and/or deserve. I do. We all get handed a ‘script’ from the youthful years with infinite options. Some things we wouldn’t elect to happen, but then ‘viola’ – good things happen that wouldn’t have otherwise sometimes. Everything you do, it needs to be the best. Start your life now, and use it’s infinite options.

Love in its myriad of expressions, including the marvels of nature, for best results, needs to be nurtured and cared for with all sensitivities. Loving yourself is the key because ultimately, you are alone…and guess with who? Remember, Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 




  1. Thanks for your motivational message, Arhata!
    ‘Doin’ it’ and ‘I’m possible’ sound encouraging, though speak nothing about what to do.
    It’s good to be optimistic once you’ve made up your mind. What is the best option? That’s the question.
    You say ‘Life gives many free options early on, but as life is replaced with new options during aging, some like ‘wisdom’ only come if we picked the best options.’
    I would rather say, you can see and pick the best options only if you have wisdom. Or at least, intuition.
    It’s not to demotivate anyone’s determination. Just raising a question, how can one figure out what option would be the best? And what to do when you are wise enough to know what should be done best and you ain’t got that option anymore? It’s normally the case, isn’t it?

    1. Not seemingly being able to figure the best option is an opportunity to figure out how to again pick the best option when the one picked before clearly wasn’t. At some point, one hopefully arrives at the best option which of course may be one of perception as at another moment, it may not have been.

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