Talkin’ not Walkin’?!

Talkin’ not Walkin’?!
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 January 22, 2019
Talking in silence while walking the talk is a spiritual manifestation apropos. Moving with the breeze like on a clear early, friendly Spring day is to walk among the gods of peace and tranquility. The world of love basks best in a world of nurtured harmony with all elements. Having a dialog with all existence is to be flowing with the rivers of awareness that encourage every move within. 

The glamour of dissonance needs the grease of harmony within the self and all encountered. The chattering mind is a restless mind fighting with what cobwebs of the past that restrict moving out of the dark into the ease of the light. The mind littered without the cleaning out of past obstacles is one that walks the talk of negativity interspersed with positive moments that do little but send a little light into the dark. Nothing is gained in self evolution when either denying who you really are or rocking back and forth between your positivity and what pollutes it to allow no movement, like a standing rock gathering moss.  

It’s going to be a long long time that never comes to you who just stand and fight off the issues that limit your growth in self love. Stop and take yourself to the table of examination for looking at what needs to be thrown out so nature can replace the wounds of yesteryear before they keep accumulating one moment to the next endlessly. 

I’ve seen and heard what appears to be brilliant talk by some, but moving close to them is to litter the experience with their projections of denial and refusal to see that existence is a mirror of their lack of ‘walking their talk’. Sometimes the talk of the silent speaks volumes of encouragement and love. You really want to know who you are deep down, and so do those with insight. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to keep your mouth shut and open your eyes. The truth always comes out in the end.

Consider that you have yet to find the inner secrets to even talk or walk about it. There is one worthwhile path in life. That path is the path of love, and it starts with your intent to find that ‘secret to life’…which is simply to love your deep inner self. Meditation is a vehicle to that love. Practice giving and receiving. In giving, expect nothing, yet be ready to receive thankfulness. Your beginning on the path of love begins with it as your primary focus in life, and it is number one. The greatest discovery of all time is that you can change your future by merely changing your attitude. Rivers never go in reverse, so try to live like a river. Let go of past negatives and focus on the now and future.
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  1. Arhata, you made an excellent note: “Rivers never go in reverse, so try to live like a river.”

    It reminds me of Bokar Rinpoche saying about meditation: “A continuous flow of water in a river is an example of what our effort should be: a continuous perseverance.”

    On one hand, a river is going downstream freely and naturaly. On the other hand, water dripping day by day wears the hardest rock away. And it always finds its way into the ocean.

    “Talking in silence while walking the talk..” is another zen-like metaphor of yours. It sounds a little absurd and magnificent at the same time.

    Thank you for talking your walk.

    1. Hi Alok
      Glad you brought that to my attention. I had wrote it, but I can’t find it strangely.
      In any case, thank you much for the appreciation and talking your rhetorical, flowing words.
      As I said, in what I can’t find, looks like I may be shut out for a few more days downtown’
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