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Kiss My End! ? 
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January 4, 2019
In certain places, it’s been a tradition to get on your knees and kiss a Holy Man’s feet. I have a different approach, especially for those that initiate an error filled personal judgment, which I call a ‘verbal punch’. In most cases it’s prudent to ‘brush off’ verbal judgments that are initiated by someone else, in fact it’s best to stay clear of these negativities and the ‘initiator’ if possible. Life will constantly provide opportunities, known as challenges to respond to that test the mettle of your abilities to deal with them and continue on smiling.

Respect for all. No one is superior, however if you are beholden to them to maintain an agreement, particular respect is deserved as is they to you. Working on Wall St., I learned first hand that even the top money makers for the most part were polite to all from top to bottom at the mailroom. Of course it make common sense, for you never know when they are particularly needed, whether one day you’d be working for them, or who they were connected to who  could affect your life, positive or negative.  

Humbleness is compassion, reverence, etc. for appreciation of everything or everyone. Those handed the most, need to be mindful that giving of that ‘most’ is gratitude for their privilege. The mind that exalts himself above anyone, is a mind that is closed to the heart.

I’m always taken aback when a homeless person gives change at my free speech display (which I don’t ask for). A new thing, at least in Portland is a well appointed ‘family restroom’, which until recently was never heard of, and raises lots of judgment and fears, but as it is set up downtown with a ‘restroom concierge’ always present, everyone from toddlers, homeless, suited corporate types, etc., are greeted and assisted when necessary. 

It’s a fine thing to pay homage with great respect and honor where chosen, but the days of bowing down to anyone are gone, or should be. Self value is a gift to be attained by anyone who respects themselves that they are no less than a child of the universe, and here to enjoy and be enjoyed by all. Only when we know who we are— a spiritual being having a human experience, can we really reap the awards of that benevolence. Always, there is no end and the beginning is awaiting to start for life’s most important moment which is now, and where you are putting that next step. 
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  1. Arhata,
    Touching the master’s feet has not been fully understood and accepted by my “western” mind. If I had had a mater like Osho in front of me, I guess I would have done it. And it would have meant respect for the master and surrender of my ego at the same time.
    I see your point is more about being equal, that no one is superior or inferior to someone else, and one has to feel self-respect as well as respect for everyone.
    It sounds quite spiritual, but do I actually feel this respect for the mankind in my daily life? Not really. That’s the value of your message. It calls for checking oneself: “Look at you! Why are you so arrogant towards some persons and somewhat humble towards some other ones?”
    And here come false reasons of sorts whereas the true reason is hidden. Is it the fear of one self or lack of self esteem? Or absence of a master to bow down to in a total surrender?

    1. Thank you,
      I feel reverent toward toward all as I see everyone inside as perfect. However, they usually do not see themselves as such and often act with a lack of self awareness of it. It’s best to see where the ‘harmonious positioning’ is in alignment with people. When it’s not in that best position and difficult to find it, one needs skillful means and from both the mind and heart to position yourself best. Anger needs awareness and if one is well into the heart, it’s of a different quality. Thank you for your words!

  2. Now that’s the problem. “Inside” is too vague. I don’t see anyone as perfect as they appear to be, including myself. Unless we can see inside, are we doomed to skillfully position ourselves best to align with people?

  3. Seeing the outside is often a trap to ignore what’s inside and behind what the perceiver sees as inside. Experiences color and imprint the individuals senses with that as themselves. On the surface, it’s the outer package that hides even from themselves who they are. All but the rare, live life in the imprinted imagination who think they are. Always be observing what inside, even observing the observer.

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