Jesus is Transgender*

Jesus is Transgender*
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•Dedicated to Acharya S (my best friend and 16 year old Jason’s mom) author of 7 books on the myths in all religions, who passed on Christmas
Day 2015 at 55. Her next birthday was Easter Sunday 2016
December 24, 2018
Good news! More and more people are accepting that because we all have a biological mom and dad, it’s best we manifest the balanced traits of both feminine and masculine. Transgender people have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from their assigned sex. Are not we all transgender, but perhaps to a lesser degree than those who identify themselves as such.

In the Christian bible, among many great wisdoms, there is reference to the ‘Son of God’ coming back. (some interpret that as ‘the Sun of god’ which rises from obscurity and darkness)  Also, there is the suggestion that Jesus said to others,  “Why are you afraid? You have so little faith!”. Apparently, a ‘scribe’ was there and wrote it down, and that wasn’t easy then as the pens and paper (?) were very crude.  Of course, there were no tape recorders for those of you who are curious. 

Is this 2nd coming time? ‘Now’ seems like the right time. He should be fully grown, as a new birth, the way things are transpiring with most asleep (like 2000+ years ago), he might not be able to grow up if humans keep ignoring how ‘technological’ innovations in the hands of the unaware and greedy ‘leaders’ could well destroy life quickly. To use the  name ‘Jesus’, the disbelievers would quickly have him killed maybe even to see if he could rise again….so, to counter that, he would use another name like Maureen, Jennifer, Bruce, John, even Mohammad, or perhaps scatter his presence among others specially appointed. 

I’ve read that there are in the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ those who are “Anointed” as Priests (?!) of the All-Mighty, Guardians of the Kingdom like Jesus and the Archangel, Michael.  Appointed” by the Anointed, those who also serve, but in a lesser or more specialized capacity.  These Servants of God serve in a wide variety of roles and have many different powers.  Maybe they are appearing among us now, but they, too, suffer memory-erasure and may be disoriented and discomfited by their own abilities and gifts, which can be problematic. If you have a gift that you find troubling or troublesome or simply one that you don’t quite know what to do with, and you experience any of the things described above, take heart. You could be one of the ‘anointed’. 

What ever ones beliefs are, be they in Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna or any other, nothing is enough without the love of self and living a life that has it’s primary focus as love. Those who say they are a good, faithful adherent matters far less than knowing who you are with an open heart and the awareness with discernment to fill your life with the energy of the highest spirit possible. Freedom and love are within! Whether you believe in Jesus or know him as an archetype of the ideal human, open your heart to love. 
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  1. Poor Jesus. Arhata, you are having a good laugh, I see your irony and it is just for fun.
    The real guy, the one who was crucified some 2020 years back, must be shunnig from ever coming down on Earth again.
    First, he would be immediately condemned to death by his most relentless worshippers. The priests, bishops and popes don’t need a living Jesus, because all their function is to serve as middlemen between their congregations and an image of the son of god they projected. So why would you need an agent if direct contact was possible?
    Second, people have created thousands of myths, legends and fairy tales about Jesus. Look at the deeds they’ve done. So many innocent lives have been taken in the name and on behalf of him. When I look at the Cross Christians wear I see one murder which is crucifixion and millions of deaths that followed in bloodbaths of the crusades, the fires of Inquisition and still continue. All His words of love and compassion are beautiful, but unheard.
    Now the transgender thing could be another marketing trick to enroll the fresh blood of certain groups. I wish they all left the poor fellow alone. Let’s just pay a little respect to that brave carpenters’ son. Let’s open our hearts to love.

    1. Society, wherever, isn’t ready to take the archetypes away, or in the case of Islam, best they switch to another one – Buddha, Jesus, ____,
      Yesterday, downtown a guy said he had to be careful in talking about being an atheist. I said why not drop it all and just be nothing and enjoying that?
      People seem to need different things to mask what is and who they are not. Time to get a broom and clean house! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. The house needs a serious cleanup. I would say to that guy downtown: don’t be afraid to talk about whatever you feel is true; let them be afraid of being unmasked to learn that in the end of the day their faith is self-delusion, or worse, politcal correctness. Time to get a broom and clean fears. Happy My Day!

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