Devolution!? What Me!?

Devolution!? What Me!?
December 20, 2018
Most everyone is running around looking for money, shopping, things to do, places to go, looking for pleasures, dealing with self doubts, yet forgetting to add ‘self introspection’ time … THAT’S FREE! Of course, we don’t want to forget keeping up with the ‘flood of changes’, technologically and otherwise, that are dumbing down those not paying attention into robotic sheeple that thinks they are free because the ‘sound bytes’ of the world have told them so. Tsk, Tsk! When the hammer hits the nail and misses – ouch! Who knows what evil lurks in the world that people are too busy to pay attentions to?

Who knows what ignorance lurks in the minds and hearts of those who pay no attention, but for their outer pleasures? Many years ago, before cars, the gap between so called ‘technology’ and the collective human mind was incredibly smaller than the gap between the two today. In a sense, relative to spiraling technological developments, the relative ‘gap’ is tremendous and  growing, making the humanity seeming to have devolved. Laziness and apathy about cleaning and tidying up the ‘You house’ behind your eyes and in  the heart can change that, and will make life shine.

It’s time to come home to who you really are, and find that you will walk through the ups and downs of life with peak awareness. Positive attracks positive, however the flood of people who carry unresolved negatives will also unknowingly gravitate to you challenging your ‘positivity’. That’s where ‘discernment’ and skillful means of keeping their negativity at bay with empathy and compassion will make you even more positive and strong in turning it into a higher outcome. One of the ‘rewards’ of being in consciousness is you get to be a light for others struggling in the dark. Being in the position of ‘evolving’, you will also be a student of how to deal with the negative, and at the same time, quietly provide an inspiration for those that struggle with themselves. 

Millions in American society are ‘bottom feeders’ for lack of harmony within themselves, poor or rich, they struggle to see the light available to them. Biggest mistake people make is to let ‘negative luggage’ be carried around, thinking they can find some outer pleasure to get them through the day rather than availing themselves of the great helpers available for unveiling the natural bliss inside. Walking through life filled with ‘cognitive dissonance’, which refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors is to make life a drudgery, and  devolving. To be free and experience the highest love has to offer, keep climbing the stairs to the heaven within.
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