Laissez-faire Meditation

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September 25, 2018
Fixing what makes your life less than happy and/or exciting the vast majority of the time is very simple! The most advanced life form on the planet ‘you’ are representative of, but for liabilities that have occurred to you that cling to your perceptions making life far lower in personal quality than is easily available to you. Laissez-faire meditation or behavior is doing the minimum necessary to move into quality evolved personal spaces. Doing little to improve your inner condition is a deliberate abstention from your interference with quality advancements within.

The eight deadliest sin is called ‘acedia’ which in breaking the meaning down to its simplest form is ‘apathy’, or being too lazy actively to do anything about what ‘ails you’. Putting positive action off is a bad habit that creates ‘mind sores’ to support long past impediments or traumas that are only kept alive in an emotional memory that feeds a slow happiness suicide that seems to be almost irreversible. Lack of water, nutrients, and sunlight eventually makes plants near impossible to reverse to a healthier state. And, so it is with ‘slackers’ of the spiritual qualities. 
Body, mind, emotions, and spirit need healthy attention to maintain or arrive at peak performance. Meditation and love are like fuel at the gas pump. Meditating or loving are invisible energies that each person has the solution to pump in to create maximum quality of inner life. Love will find you, IF you find it. Those who are weak in inner love of self may well need the varied tools of meditating with consistency to rise above and disconnect from that which weighs down the spirit of life and love. 

Fools rush away from the blessings of life that await by just not pushing the right buttons of being pro active with ‘healing methods’ that make the scars of life into greater strengths. Thinking that living over your head materially or making money your religion will always be counter to spiritual growth. Negativity, real or by perception, is a strength builder to rise higher in all endeavors. 

Quite naturally, everyone is in a hurry; one has to be in a hurry. Such a short life and so much to do, so much to experience, so much to explore. That’s why the Western mind is speedy, wanting to do everything faster and faster, quickly, because his conception of life is too small. Playfulness needs to be a huge priority in life. Be able to laugh at  how amusing all serious things are, but pay attention where it’s in common sense, and yet take deep breaths and smile for you are the blessed one. 

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