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September 24, 2018
Had a special friend once until one final day, her trust crashed. Two weeks proceeding the crash, the question of trust over an unauthorized credit card usage was suspected of me. Until the ‘crash’, or our final connection, I was baffled at the situation. She had questioned me from lack of trust in herself. As I didn’t have answers to absolve myself from her assertions that I had used them, she made a final decision that I had used them. During those two weeks, I was baffled and agreed with her that I couldn’t think of anyone who would use them even though it was impossible that I had. I was given one final time that didn’t meet her doubts. It’s not easy to take a blame when you have no idea about it.

Five or six weeks later, the ‘culprit’ who had used them was fingered, and subsequently he served 6 months in jail. Was an unconscious frame up. By that time, there was no possible communication ever. Many have trust issues stemming from losing their trust because of an adult which in her case was an abusive father and a mother who didn’t believe her calls for help. Years of therapy had reduced much of her issues, but apparently not enough. Likely being damaged by irresponsible adult behavior in her childhood followed her inspite of intensive therapy for 10 years. 

It’s usually assumed, by the victim of abuse that they, not being able to ‘trust’ others, are usually untrusting for good reason, and that is because those in question (which can be everybody) are not trustworthy in their programmed mind.  The one saddled with the disease of mistrust, where ever they look is a form of OCD known as a Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. OCD in whatever form it takes is a  psychological obsession that manifests in many ways. Therapy is sometimes helpful, but expensive, and often not resulting in a cure. 

Letting go by talking out the abuse, even though the memory may be very deep about what caused it, may not be enough to completely detach from the damage by the issues. Deep meditation coupled with self discernment of future decisions to examine behaviors especially related to any negative issues such as ‘trust’, by using common sense will slowly detach one from negative effects of the issues. Many answers come because of deep meditation that are positive answers to life dilemma’s. You are born at this time of life to have all of the advantages and benefits of the best information and resources ever at any prior time in life. The time of ‘self inner love’ is for you, and to help others who need the light that you hold within you. Always question if your ‘trust issues’ affect another negatively. Are you being selfish to another because you haven’t taken responsibility for adequately healing, or at least using compassion with another taking ownership that any negativity may be from you? Be the Master of you, and a happier life of love will ensue! Move beyond any fear of love!
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