Doors & Doors

September 29, 2018

Red pill or blue pill – you choose. Your perception needs serious evaluation especially when it comes to your pursuit of impossible dreams. You can unlock many doors with the key of imagination. Beyond each door is a new dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. you are merging into a space of both shadow and substance of both things and infinite ideas. In this unique age, you’ve crossed over into time zone you’ve just moved into. There is no more of the past, but all now in this moment.

Life is a mystery and so are you, but it’s time to take the veils off the mysteries. From the time of infancy, we all lived in curiosity opening any door physical or of the mind and emotions to see what was behind it. Many are the doors of expectation, the aware you is not attached to them, and perhaps you choose the door to hope for something with no expectations. That last door is one which has served me well and creates little or no stress. Always keep a positive approach whatever that is, to every door about to be opened. Being positive and prepared for any expectation is a ‘door’.

The ‘door of expectations’ is fraught with mental attachments particularly if some form of fear of disappointment is lingering. What has worked for me, especially when I worked on Wall St. making many connections, and some with a chance of winning business, was to expect nothing, giving my best, and yet hoping for success as a method that supported a positive attitude which is another ‘door of choice’. Consciousness is to be discerning of the highest choice of a door that opens in anyway. The way of the superconscious new human is the way or door of Zen.

Zen is to drop the mind, the intellect. People have two main choices or change for two main reasons: either their minds have opened or their hearts have been. Every age has its massive collection of heavily loaded apple carts, and the job of Zen is to overturn them. When up is down, and insanity is called normal, that’s where you begin…

You have to go deep into meditation. And what is meditation all about? Meditation is a jump from the mind into no-mind, from thoughts to no-thought. Mind means thinking, no-mind means pure awareness. One simply is aware. Only then, will you be able to understand Zen – through experience, not through any intellectual effort. You are the designer of your own life. Go beyond the mind yet keep it as a tool to move into the fragrances of life. Be in spontaneity and freedom.

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