Talk Meditation

Talk Meditation
 August 27, 2018
Talk can become communication and communication can reach the heights merging into communing. It can be meditating and then meditation, and into a flowering of love. Typically, people fall into a love that is like a tip toe or a movement dancing between the punches of a boxer in a ring. Relationships or marriages work primarily because the ‘ego’ of the participants want to tell everyone that it does on a level that curries denial of what really is. No one wants to readily admit that love has fallen while applying bandages and rubber bands to hold it together.

All over the world people disappear into partnering, mainly with nice people who have broken wings, and continue them, exasperated by some kind of substance abuse and self hatred to one degree or another. Rare is the person who would say their desire is to be like their disfumcional parents were, and those parents like each of their parental upbringing and how  those parents lived. This is the age of human evolvement unlike milleniums in the past where not only did people have shorter lives but none of the perks and conveniences of us today. To not avail our evolution of those benefits is like an ‘abortion of opportunity’. 

As people wake up, they are disoriented like Rip Van Winkle, the legendary character from Washington Irving’s famous 1819 story, who fell asleep in the woods for 20  years. Conscious humanity is now a ‘becoming’ awake after millions of years asleep in the woods. No wonder there is such fear and disorientation with the unreal resistance to waking up. Fear of the unknown, which you mentally know is more positive is natural, but yet the major block to self evolution. No one fears love in little doses, but like wading at the edge of the ocean, there is little fear until diving into the deep, in this case deep love and awareness within.

Be a gladiator of love and awareness! Remember the best time in your life, go back there, and start over again only with awareness and an open heart. It can work! Instant transformation… however the odds are not in your favor. Take the slow road with meditation, letting go of attachment to the past negativities going forward, upward and onward. It works. Trust that you CAN DO IT. Short cuts easily meet with failure especially when in the frame of mind that thinks you can do it without a clear, healthy mind. Smile and know that a good sense of humor is a big step. Otherwise, check in to check out of the negative luggage that weighs you down and trust the meditation path. It’s the train that will take you to the real you and/or to the love path that, with awareness and heart, will become the best meditation ever. Always know that sometimes the best communication is the sound of heartfelt silence.


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