Beyond Love

Beyond Love
 August 24, 2018
Loyalty, compassion, watchfulness, acknowledgement and ownership of your carelessness and negative issues, are some of the best qualities accompanied with a realization that there is no comfort in the truths, but are the beginnings of loves journey. Love is electric. You are like a light bulb that shines love when you’re in tune with your electrical capacity within. Move into love with no expectations or limitations, and the love will glow for ever after throughout thick and thin, sadness and happiness. Love is always calling each person. Sadly most are not ‘home’ to answer to receive the call of love. For that matter, is your love calling another love or…

What about all the times you let the outside fill your inside with blocks to love while thinking that the inner is to be more than a call with a busy signal. To love, really love, you have to be healthy of mind, spirit, emotion  and any of the hidden receptor-giving inner qualities. ‘Who you can be’ is more than who you are allowing yourself to be. Road blocks, mind blocks, heart blocks, all slow down the journey. All blocks can be converted to pathways of going forward. Love is  always waiting for you to start it at all moments. 

The end of time is not a factor when moving through and beyond the struggles to love. There is a  place beyond love, but, only reachable when love has fully charged you. The sounds of love begin very faintly and increase with the open heart. Love always says, ‘use me’, but don’t abuse me! The secret of love is in the air. In truth it is the air refined to it’s highest potential. To let it in, it’s always up to you first with no fears and in a let go.
There is a place inside where love fills the heart night and day, year in and year out, where love finds itself beyond thoughts, and in a universal vibration of harmony however the moment is. No mind is necessary. The you is enlightened and beyond words. A date with the unknown is a date that never ends, and is always beginning. The ‘room of love’ has no end or beginning. Bereavement for someone can be a completed love. What is beyond love is a surprise or gift for those who’ve experienced unconditional love for themselves, and if fortunate with another.  Beyond love is a state of choiceness choice.  Deep love becomes a presence or a state of suchness. Let go and just be! the greatest gift given to you, is ‘love’. Open up the gift of love!

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