Lead by Example

August 13, 2018
Many sayings of the past are taken for granted without a deep examination as to how they apply or don’t to the real world. Leading by example is one of those quotes that everyone says and hears many times in life. Problem is it is just ‘words’. Words that convince anyone as inspiration. It doesn’t work! The flaw is that it’s speaking to the choir or those who are already following an exemplary way for themselves. Sadly, most are as untrainable as a wild animal. Anyone who has to be ‘trained’, is resistant to even the thought. 
Most will shut down their brains except with what they are used to doing for themselves. One of life’s great qualities for a more spiritual, conscious being is to ‘give’. Giving beyond giving to yourself has infinite ways to raise your vibrations that are silently ‘karmic’ particularly when done from the heart. Focus on giving while giving the same awareness to receiving from the heart. Your resistance to lead yourself by the strongest example is not only selfish but  showing poor self education and ability to adapt to what all life is about. Life is about love to all with awareness and compassion.
Love needn’t be like a mine field. Watch where you step. Living by yourself and happy with that life while thinking you love yourself is like a guy watching a pro football game, but stepping into the game would be like walking in a mine field. Love alone can be  fixed so it is beyond the illusion that’s just saying it because it sounds nice. Too many fall in love not knowing what it is. Keep the measure and be an example on how to love not only in verbal appreciation but breaking out like a wildfire.    
Did you know that one little ignited fire can burn over a billion trees in a forest? Each of you can be that light bearer that can light up the world consciousness; that is much overdue! Now is the time to convert darkness into universal light! You’re running out of time! Humanity is running out of time. Collectively and individually we can all make a difference, but it’s all up to you! Just like fire, one spark can set the whole world a light. Your world is the whole world. Ever wonder where you have gone wrong? Stop wondering and live with what feels good in your heart. Consciousness is remembering to be in your heart and your real self. 
Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited for what could go right.
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