Reinvent Yourself

August 16, 2018
Reset the clock of your life! Remember, the only permanent thing in life is change, even a still stagnant pond changes. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Release your self from the prison you have slowly created in assuming it is the real you, as nothing could be further from the truth. It is in the human DNA to resist change and personal growth other than beyond thoughts and talk. You are perfect as you are for what’s gone into the ‘mix of experiences’ to create what you live with daily. Perfect in this case is very imperfect, in the ‘real sense that is the real so called ‘perfect you’ in the spiritual  sense.

If a Jesus can be an example of the ‘perfect being’ of god’s creation, it’s wise to assume that Mr. God will help you to become a ‘clone’, but with you as an individual. Allow yourself to give birth to the new you which clearly is an approach to the real you. Use your imagination, being creative and realizing that it’s spiritual to transform the false self to move into the future. Begin now to move building a new and higher “plane of experience,’’ and existence.

You are not a ‘sub station’ in the Mojave Desert or an ‘outhouse’ for everything and every person in the universe to use you as a slave. The common human mind is into ‘recidivism’ or to be the act of a someone repeating an undesirable behavior after they have either experienced negative consequences of that behavior, or have been trained to extinguish that behavior. Attachment to undesirable thoughts, especially from the past become, can be diluted and    have a let go of the emotional bothersome connection to, through positive, imaginative thinking and meditation/love.

Why continue to hurt your self and stifle the bliss and joy waiting due to clinging to negatives of the past? Truly would you not tell anyone else that, but are you walking the conscious, let go talk you would suggest to another? Become the best example by letting go of the memory clothes of the past that no longer fit the now! Call it a nonsense or burdens diet! 

You know a lot more about yourself than you have paid attention to because you have set up road blocks that create a fear and ignorance to seeing who really hides behind the veil of who is the real you. You’re free to walk down the street backwards, forwards, or refuse to do either. Same with the available journey on the road within ‘who you really are’. Make peace with your past so as to not let it ruin your present. Love yourself first, and everything falls into place. If you’re not sure how to do that, begin the ‘exercise’ of meditating on your breath’, and what needs to be let go of will fade away creating a replacement path of increasing love energy. Time to be a real ‘smoothie’! 
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