Saved from Yourself

Saved from Yourself

August 11, 2018
You live most of your life in your head. Make sure it’s a nice place to be. To go through life filled with ‘hooey’ or rattling junk in the head is to live the life of shallowness.  Shallowness shows up in many ways, from a street criminal to a consumer of serial martialist possessions as well as infinite distractions from your real self that can only be imagined. Most are ‘dropouts from consciousness’, and go around convincing themselves that they are ‘happy-happy’ until the daily challenges roll in upsetting the ‘happy-happy mind cart of delusion’.

Who among you isn’t a ‘broken winged, impostor of what is the real you? Time always to open up the books of love within. I get a kick out of many, like the CEO of a medium sized company who just called me after reading one of my essays thinking that because I used ‘you’ that it always meant him! Clearly, a man who has spent too much time making money, and likely not making time to have enough self reflection.

Success is an outer thing, that does nothing or little at best to realize the success of the inner riches. Telling anyone to  first love themselves is especially regarded by those who think the outer them from body looks to accumulations is love of self. I’ve had a few who took it as meaning to look in the mirror, maybe even saying, ‘I love myself’ hundreds of times to be what ‘loving your spiritual self is’. Not that it isn’t a good idea to get a little jumpstart coupled with ‘right actions’, walking a high conscious walk, and having a passion to meditate in order to see with gratefulness a greater love of all life and the real self.

The approaches to seeing the real wonders of the inner you are many and varied, yet all narrowed down to simple, natural ways. Life clearly is a journey with infinite choices both chosen and thrust upon you. One simple way on the inner journey invokes two steps involving three words: thinking, feeling, being. From thinking, nobody has ever been able to reach being. Nobody can bypass feeling; feeling is the bridge. The first step is from thinking to feeling, and the second step is from feeling to being. And in two steps the whole journey is complete.

Getting lost in the material world has it’s seductive rewards of comfort, but there is a price to pay on the health of your being, soul, heart, mind, etc. In my 40’s, I lived on top of the world on the 40th balcony floor in Manhattan overlooking Central Park and a beautiful skyline. Fine dining was a regular evening, and with Summers in New York’s Hampton Beaches. Loved my work as a marketing executive in the financial world. I could see that the years ahead would be filled with luxuries like others around me, but my meditation, love, and spiritual experience would take second or third place. You can not have everything. My choice was to follow the heart way and be ‘saved from my outer self’. Freedom and love are the real riches available to all, if the choice is made to follow that journey.

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