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July 30, 2018
Deep inside the caverns of the heart are hidden the secrets of love. Thanks for those known as ‘intellects’ for they play a very important role in providing many of life’s evolving works. Without their incredible influence in religion, politics, society in general, and the infinite developments that evolve us into a richer more peaceful world as we have now, we would have a world of fighting, spiraling crime, ignorance, and the majority of people who would be without the huge qualities spawned by love and common sense. Hmmm – ohm second thought somethings not working.

Intellect and it’s brilliance showings, will be deceptive if you think it translates to being intelligent in infinite other areas be they common sense, emotional, spiritual or ‘anything’. Those with a high intellect often acquire a sense of entitlement that what they are good at knowing means they are good at many other subjects. Just because a lawyer is one of the best ‘tax lawyers’ has little to do with environmental, corporate, litigation, on and on law. All people are ‘compartmentalized in what they know’. Brilliance on  several subjects leaves infinite subjects where that brilliance doesn’t apply.

When one knows something seemingly well, and you don’t, one never knows what the gap is between what they purport to know, and what the ‘number one’ expert on a particular subject knows. That which impresses may well be because you have seen a more impressive ‘whatever it is’. Always when choosing to consider anything, if questioning is appropriate, see if you’ve accepted just your belief void of objective truthful answers.  

The intellect is revered especially highly in the work world where needed. Whatever ‘assets’ one has, it behooves you to be humble about them both for not being too attached, misjudging their real quality, and offending others with arrogance.  Here are great examples that have little to do with intellect: 

The most destructive habit (Worry). The greatest Joy (Giving). The greatest loss (Loss of self-respect)
The most satisfying work (Helping others).The ugliest personality trait (Selfishness). The most endangered species (Dedicated leaders). Our greatest natural resource (Our youth). The greatest “shot in the arm (Encouragement). The greatest problem to overcome (Fear).The most effective sleeping pill (Peace of mind).The most crippling failure disease (Excuses). The most powerful force in life (Love). The most dangerous pariah (A gossiper ). The world’s most incredible computer (The brain). The worst thing to be without (Hope). The deadliest weapon (The tongue).The two most power-filled words (I Can).
The greatest asset (Faith). The most worthless emotion (Self-pity). The most beautiful attire (A SMILE)
The most prized possession (Integrity). The most contagious Spirit (Enthusiasm)
Be enthusiastic! 

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  1. Intellect is the path to consciousness. And it is through contemplation that one moves beyond the thoughts and intellect into the consciousness. For this we all need time out to quietly study ourselves and reflect upon our actions, thoughts, and emotions. This contemplation bestows upon us the ability to read our own life like a book, to be aware of each and every page. In other words, it is the analysis of our own personality, being aware of our individual qualities, strengths and weaknesses, in order to know what and who we are. The greatness of contemplation is that it is the only activity where we will not cheat ourselves. In contemplation, one can fail oneself and therefore, it is a truly humbling process. Contemplation is the only sure shot way of bringing change to ourselves. Contemplation is the real opening up. It is a process of witnessing our own consciousness. Contemplation is the only process which when practiced with faith, sincerity and regularity, will lead us to mental peace, emotional harmony and bring the us ever closer to our true inner nature.

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