Spiritual Filters

Spiritual Filters

August 9, 2018
Life won’t last long without ‘filters’. In the world of the invisible consciousness, the higher you go in sensitivities, the finer or more intricate will be the discernments or discretions of what works for your state of mind and heart. Situational appropriateness is another way of saying ‘timing and receptivity’ are important. As we evolve in consciousness, certain irrelevant or unwanted things need to either ‘pass on without notice’ or be ‘screened’ for value or willingness to accept.

Increasing and improving your discernment will allow the best answers for anything, especially when screening out the negatives of your past, either thrust on you or self created. All negatives that pass through your screen or shield need to be transformed to lessons learned for inner self enlightenment. The self that you are attached to is only the real you, but in a false perception of you and others, in other words ‘the false you’ that you’ve made real.The ‘self made person’ is only the outer life, not the inner. A highway of clarity needs to be clear and with  barriers of safety, which in a way are ‘filters’ to keep the road ahead safe and open for the journey, in this case within. 
As good as sunshine is for you health, it needs a ‘filter sunscreen’ that either can be purchased or having a sensitivity to be in tune with what’s the appropriate amount for your body. Life and love are really the ‘breaths of life and the breath of love’ to recharge and enhance all living moments. Lackluster love and life is to not protect yourself  against the negative riffraff that floats everywhere looking for a victim that lives primarily in the material world of illusion. When you are enthusiastic and excited everyday, the filters are working!

The unattended garden grows with weeds just as your life that moves from day to day just for survival and for self serving desires. Be in love with your inner self such that it is who you are looking for. Beauty is fading, real love is always lighting more and more, hence enlightening or love-lightening. Let the rains fall and yet the sun shine for the rainbows of consciousness. There is no time to wallow away the divine opportunities when you can be a Christ or Buddha shinning a light for others to find their way out of the dark that all seek a window opening for inner freedom to dance and sing for all to seek the presence of. The beat goes on, but it’s you who can increase the tempo. Throw out that which is no longer needed, and in awareness with discernment, surround yourself with the pearls of life and love experiences.

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