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 July 20, 2018
The often used adage, ‘if you point your finger at someone else, there are three fingers pointing at you’. In other words, spitting in the wind is likely to come back in your face. Karma?! Be careful of what you accuse others of, and make sure ‘your plate is clean’, or expect ‘backfiring’ or ‘self-spitism’. Life is filled with infinite consequences. In awareness and taking the high road will usually result in a smile on your face, and not a ‘red face’ of embarrassment or some uncomfortable situation. 

You’ll never be wrong when you tell the truth, and first being truthful to yourself. Hurting yourself by lying to yourself or doing things without regard to others is to develop a habit that can be come habitual influencing all other choices. Positive communication with yourself, especially when no one will notice what you do, is to build a strong foundation of inner nature that will guide your life to higher places. Self support in all things is to create a freedom from neediness from others. Self growth means growth from within, and not growing from outside achievements of status or money.  

Freedom comes from within and lack of it is a process of ignoring best choices and opting for what’s more easily available without concern for it being just a selfish shortcut. Avoid forms of adulation from the outside by giving to another’s pleasure to ‘get something’, but from the heart of the joy created in another.  Kidding yourself is ‘spitisim’ disguised. The watcher is always your inner voice which can only be fooled so much, and yet never really is. Twisted thinking leads to wrong thinking.v

Be on fire, march into hell for a heavenly cause for your passion, but with awareness and heartfelt energy. Have no fears other than the practical ones such as being careful of what can hurt you. One day the spiting and pissing in the blowing wind will subside, as well as your mind and hearts windshield wipers will begin working in rare moments needed. Be courteous to yourself and learn to use skillful means in all actions. Not knowing who you are or where you are going is to spit on opportunity. Conspicuous consumption is not a good use of a life in the best moments for self evolution that ever existed.

Stay relaxed by letting go of inner limitations and tune into who you are and who each other is. Stop waiting for miracles, that is like waiting for winning the lottery where that happens only once in millions of chances, and then maybe you’re not even buying a ticket. You are the miracle living in a miracle here and now! 
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