Spiritual Money

Spiritual Money
Inline imageJuly 28, 2018

There was a man of the greatest wisdom who said,  “Truly I tell you, it is difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Love and money should go together like a ‘horse and carriage’, however the mind finds ways to not feed the horse less and less, or maintain the carriage in order to save money. Money is like a beautiful sunset being expected to last, but alas night comes.

To be living in the heights of consciousness is to be ‘spiritual’. Giving with no expectation of return and receiving with gratitude from the heart is to nurture love and appreciate the vicissitudes of life. How one chooses to handle the many aspects of money defines the character of each. Communication and adherence to monetary agreements are at the foundation of the honorability of each and everyone. 
The popular statement mentioned of the camel passing through the eye of the needle is also applicable to everyone, rich or poor in how to handle money with love and compassion. Those who abuse monetary agreements, especially personal ones, have limited the ability of self love and love of another. That situation is comparable to the expression of entering heaven – heaven being love and the harmony of compassion. Many, whether on some form of spiritual path or  not, need to take measurement of the gap between real unconditional love and their abuse of another when it comes to all sensitivities including monetary, since it is such an important part of life.

My experience is that money problems in relationships are mostly a reflection of unresolved inner problems and the  attachment to poor habits that affect others as well as boomeranging back to you. The saying is that two heads are better than one, but the reverse is that two heads not together can cause even greater problems on the other end. Using money with love never causes the problems that do happen when the mind alone deals with money. Time is money, attention to sensitivities is money, or in other words a means of exchange that reflects in harmony or the lack of it. Money doesn’t have to be something to buy anything, but can be transposed into energy that gives and receives. Why hoard or be careless with money, or with it’s substitute called energy. With mindfulness and heart care energy gives what money can’t buy. Love is more than money, but keep the bank full in love’s heart bank! Oh, and love is free! 
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