Husband Trust

Husband Trust?

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July 22, 2018
If you have to trust, that means there is room for doubt! Trust is next to not having to, but knowing. When driving or walking with traffic around, trust is good, but caution and awareness is safer. Even question that as to the best assessment is used. Total communication with yourself and another is always a bridge to trust. However, trust that people may have different perceptions of ‘definitions’. Those who’ve not cleared prior negatives or ‘blocks’ will always question their trust even to the point where they make wrong assessments of their observations. It starts with childhood experiences where parental trust is developed or not. 

Trust with those who allegedly love you is necessary beginning with adults as a child, but trust entails a little bit of doubt, so how to go beyond, and what does that look like. Reality is that most do not trust themselves for lack of knowing themselves, or the experience of unconditional love. Trust is essential for any dependency, but it is mental. It falls short of knowing. One need not ‘trust that night follows day’ – it just does. No need to trust. There is no need to trust that the ‘sun of god’ up in the sky, if not in harmonious positioning with earth, would be the end of life. 
If you are in absolute surrender and of one mind and heart with another, no questioning of ‘can I trust them’ is necessary. It just is. My experience is that there is no end to that trust regardless if being together. Being apart, it still is there if any interaction occurs. One way or the other, your being is imprinted with the experience indelibly in the memory where it is never questioned. 

Love isn’t doctored to fill promises that become covertly broken by you having been a moral parasite, and serving yourself pleasure at another’s expense if ‘truth be known’. Males, in particular, are natural searchers for sexual pleasures, when especially they have escaped having to be fully merged with their spouse in communication and agreements. Truth and honesty needs to be openly on the table of any intimate agreement other wise the mind is a ‘fox’ guarding the chickens. The way technology is advancing, one day people will be able to use a truth meter if they live in the normal life of ‘broken love’ promises on each other to test each other honesty.

Merging with deep self love and the deep love with another, trust is never a question, but a foregone conclusion, rare as that might be. The world is weak on love, and heavy on ignorance, deception, and fears. Deep love alone of oneself is both more conscious or spiritual, being a  better choice than a disingenuous coupling that has other secret couplings. The greatest freedoms come in a meditative life of love. 
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