Love Fear is Real

Love Fear is Real

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 July 1, 2018
Great romances never end. They may stop, but the love follows you like night follows day. The energy of a deep love nurtures itself to always be there ready to express itself. Thoughts and emotions park themselves inside you with not intended end, but for most fading away into something meaningless. Love and its varying degrees of depth especially when it’s so deep you can’t chase it away like a shadow in the sunlight. 

Have a brilliant friend who acts and thinks only with his brain, and with little energy from the heart. Because he’s had a successful money rewarding career, he’s managed to mostly stay single, seeking love but with unacknowledged fear of intimacy. His selection of female partners have been also the type to fear intimacy. He and his former partners have ricocheted from love, hate, and anger. He has rationalized his participation with blame on the other. Being a mental spiritual person he uses fancy concepts from books, like there is ‘no self’ and love is an illusion as intellectual defenses. He has, as many do, anesthetized himself from love.

Love is a deep well that one can’t hoist water from with a leaky bucket. The mind, with constricted arteries to the heart for positive energy flow is ‘shadow love’. Who knows what  the mind without a clear heart connection thinks? As my friend thinks that a heart connection is just an illusion. Everything in life is harmoniously positioned for best effect and that includes the mind, and it’s lingering past needs to be free of negative programing to activate  the energy of the heart. 

The important things in life are invisible. Energy travels invisible to the eye. On a clear day  the stars are invisible. What’s visible is only within each of our sense’s abilities to be activated by ‘it’. We can rarely know what goes on between people’s ears inspire of most being predictable. We are all in a heaven no matter how bad it may be. Your soul is real and is beyond the body as it is only the house. Know that you are more than your body as are those you love of course. Fear is necessary only for the practical, common sense situations, and not those caused by beliefs that are less than what is real. Trust love that goes so deep, you just know.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much you love, how much you care, because when they’re gone, no matter how loud you shout & cry, they won’t hear you anymore.

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