Sex in the Village

Sex In the Village ..

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July 17, 2018
Sex in the city for those interested in more variety than country folks is better. Country-small town people live in a small cocoon like world that is almost incestuous, so to speak, where word travels fast. I grew up in a small logging town called Cosmopolis in Washington State. While a teenager,  I heard from mom and dad that our pretty 27 year old friend, the preachers wife with 3 kids, was seen ‘communicating physically’ with the town hunk. In my later teens, a well known pastor who was a friend was asked to leave a big church over allegations that he made overt gestures to a woman in the church. 
This sleepy, middle of the road, logging town had rumors floating even to a young guy like myself. Sex in small towns and bigger small towns or suburbia is often a pre-emptive knock on the mind/life ‘door of being’ not in the best interests of one and many others in harms way. Sex that is hidden from those it could harm, if truth be known, is like  walking on thin ice hoping you won’t find out that swimming is not your thing. What’s fun can have less desirable ‘karmic implications’. Truth and honesty always should be of high consideration. 
Playing with fire, is taunting getting burned. Some people have a propensity to engage others sexually, and put themselves in harms way. Sex in elevated layers of love is a form of meditation. On levels lower in love responsibility it generally is self satisfaction usually for both. In a way it’s like eating fast food for pleasure rather than healthy food. Both can give  levels of pleasure, but given a choice, the healthier the better. We all have physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc., needs and wants that show up in one degree or other. Each has it’s positive values but the godlike angel on our shoulders is that spiritual reminder to always be in harmony with those that are affected by us.
Always be not where you don’t belong in the highest sense of awareness. Like water that boils at a certain temperature, sex can transcend itself to deeper and deeper love and giving. Using sex as a meditation choice can be the path to a spiritual superconscious love. Like the finest wines, that are more than just a ‘buzz’, but an art for the connoisseur of the finest possibilities of the vintner. Sex can be a meditating technique and meditation when transcended to it’s highest levels into a space of superconsciousness. There are two spiritual paths, love and mediation. One is the alone of heightened awareness into the alone of love, the other is two merging as one into the chasm of awareness into the alone of love. Both in their depths are enlightening and beyond.
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