Sounds from the Ground

Sounds from the Ground
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 July 3, 2018
Sounds control most people, but why let them, especially when they are just words? Most all of the billions of people have no idea what is said to them when it’s in another language. Very few people are not controlled by one to three words that billions of others would have no idea what was said. There are many means of other expressions to convey messages, some being a sound without syllables, an expressive look, a body expression, humor, anger, laughter, silence and on and on.  

Music is a great example of control of thinking and mood. Open minded, heart felt people have a distinctly different taste in kinds of music vs the angry, expressive young male who wears a chip on his shoulder. It’s even been said by experts in sounds that unborn babies unknowingly are affected by different kinds of music, as well as vibrations of the mothers use of words and those around her.

Words as sounds can be triggers of reaction/response both negative and positive. Validating words of others activate positive feelings. Most have been programmed to have a reaction/response as if automatically  controlled for certain triggering interpretations. Letting go of being controlled by any word with a negative connotation is a sign that you have not unattached yourself from baggage of the past. Always seek the highest interpretation of what anyone says using balanced common sense. Freedom comes from within, and attachments to a perception of words that causes emotional discord is a sign of needing to seek ways of letting go!

We can be our own worst enemy from the silent sounds of words from within. Years and years go by with words attached to certain moments in time as if it were yesterday. Giving energy to words that create an adverse energy within is a form of suicide by sounds. Mind is a ‘function with an on/off switch’. The mind responds to energy and when the mind is not working there is silence – hopefully. When the mind is needed, use it. When not needed turn it off with an imaginary button or knob like on a radio. Sadly, most have forgotten that there is a turnoff switch, and end up just tolerating the endless chatter. That endless shatter goes on night and day even in sleep.

Meditation is a technique to create an automatic turnoff or clearing switch of the endless ‘noise’. Sounds or ‘word sounds’ that are harmful need a turnoff switch that makes harmful words become irrelevant whether the incessant silent words within or words from someone else that you have allowed to control you. Stop the getting all worked up to only let yourself down over sound and silent words from without or within. Meditation will trigger the switch to energize and illuminate the sounds to a warm summer breeze in the trees. Get free, empty out the negative leaving room for the positive. 
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