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June 29, 2018
Married to a dog can be a problem. Forgetting that many men are ‘dogs’, why fall in love with one, or the canine type, whether cute or lovable? I’m a dog ‘liker’ not a ‘lover’ of dogs. Have had 4 over the years so far. My first dog was a toy poodle, then living in NY I had a standard poodle I called ‘Baron’. Later in NY, I had a royal standard black poodle called ‘Zorba’. My latest dog in Port Townsend, Wa. was a mix Alaskan husky, malamute named ‘Hero’. I never fell in love and married any of them!

Early this morning, a friends cute Chihuahua made a mess in the bathroom. Couple of hours later at 6:30am upon leaving Starbucks from a bagel and coffee, I walked home on the edge of a sidewalk a couple of feet from cars lined up for the light to change. In deep thought, I was startled to hear and see a golden retrievers head sticking out of the backseat window suddenly with a loud bark that all but sent me into a shock fright state … and a thought that it’s nice not to own a dog.

Dogs can be wonderful. A few years ago, they ran loose, often nipping at your feet as you bike peddled by, and they chose anywhere to do their bathroom duties. Now, most are on a leash which doesn’t prevent them from frequent growling and barking  at  every other dog large or small. Then there are the annual ‘bills’ as with pet cats that would feed a family of 8 somewhere in the world for a year. 

I like other people’s dogs, then I’m reminded, large or small, dogs are dogs, and each has strange offensive habits unique to them. I admire people who like dogs, even if they have one or two that have bad manners of enthusiasm, jumping on you and licking. Better a dog than a ‘dog husband’, although many of those operate in clandestine ways. Many, if not most, have some fear of intimacy with another, and yet some of those seem to lose it with a pet. Not unheard of for someone who seems to love their pet deeper than any mate. 

Is there is a problem with loving a dog deeper than a husband, wife or anyone? Yes and no. Who cares in a few decades, or in a 100 years? However, it is a malfunction of sorts and begins with the most important ‘love’ which is loving yourself more than anything, one, or pet. Some use the expression that the world is going to the ‘dogs’ with wars, chaos, and every discombobulation known. It’s time in this new high tech, infinite possibility world for people to stand up to themselves to better love others. We then can all get along, at least much better. Time for you, and all to become the  superconscious beings that is within reach. Falling in love with a dog as a first ‘active’ choice seems like a way to avoid the real meaning of love.

One day, there is a stairway to heaven, so we are told. If you’ve had a dozen dogs in life who you’ve loved, and yet not yourself and possibly another, well meeting all those dogs there is likely to see a real dog fight? Be happy and selective with love, and considering the reciprocity of the other giving as much as you can. Like a dog, be loving, and get to know and love yourself and PEOPLE.
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