Fake Love or …

Fake Love or …
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 June 23, 2018

Fake implies deliberate spin to protect the truth. Husbands do it to wives. Major media is like a lying husband who tells you what benefits him and hides what doesn’t. Any husband who can’t get his wife’s permission, and at the same time, granting her the same permission is ‘fake’, and the wife who allows the coverup, the same. Transparency is tough for all but a few. Most marriages are a sham, most news is a sham. There are internet investigative reporters that put major media to shame, but it takes time to tune into who those are – average American would rather watch TV or something other than being informed.
Love or that invisible emotion starts in the mind, or it may seem to come instantaneously from mind to heart in synchronicity. In rare cases an emotion of love may overwhelm one with no immediate, observable source activating it to initiate from the mind first. Normally, the mind calls down to the heart or soul to ignite an overwhelming experience of different shades of love from gratitude, appreciation, compassion, wonderment, awe inspiring, sadness, and many more silent expressions. 

Fear of love and intimacy causes many to go ‘dark’ when closeness is an open unknown window of giving all of you. That which has ‘agendas of fear’ usually results in a love often faked. Fear of hurt closes or restricts the flow of uninhibited love. Emotional healing may be necessary for most. 

Although it’s natural to identify with our beliefs and believe they are absolutely true, by nature of being a belief, no belief is indisputably true. Beliefs are only true to the degree we make them true, and this is why a belief is called a “belief.” Not only is every belief “make believe,” a belief only has the power we give it (through the strength of our belief). Having a belief of being one who can let love flow is not the same as a reality of doing it.

Nonetheless, once we apply meaning to an experience, the subconscious mind accepts our assessment as unquestionable truth, and then seeks experiences that prove our beliefs to be true. In fact, whether we know it or not, our beliefs create our reality, and that’s the problem. 

By design, the purpose of this warning system allows us to release ‘disempowering beliefs’ before they manifest as (more) life experiences that represent those beliefs. Just like a fire alarm alerts you to danger so that you can prevent harm, emotional pain alerts you to “issue-causing beliefs,” so that you can release them and prevent future issues. Stop and access whether or not you exhibit the experience of unconditional intimate love. There may not be comfort in the truth that your ‘love belief’, being a ‘belief’ is indisputably not the ‘real thing’ of uninhibited love. Promising ‘heaven’, and only being able to give hell, or at best somewhere in between, is fake love.

Love comes in with the air you breath with no mind, but just by breathing deeper. The heart is your ‘love tank’ that can be always full, but for your choice to not let go of the past barriers that are always in the present. Breathing techniques that clear the mind and heart result in a meditative you and a you filled a fearless love!  Love may not come easy, but when it does, easy love is forever!

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