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June 17, 2018
Fake news, fake history, fake religions, what isn’t fake? ‘Claimed love’ from most is sadly, even fake, changeable, or fleeting from the moment. What to believe? Does it really matter? ‘Belief’, sometimes being synonymous with ‘hope,’ is unique to only human beings, and a key element in evolving to whatever the next step, be it in and to the infinite endeavors of life. Hope is a helpful transition to getting or knowing. Without ‘hope’ life loses the anticipation of a known or solution to something. Life would lose the meaning to ‘it’ that humans so treasure to heal and face the unknown.  

Before you came many predecessors, or those in your lineage who preceded you, and each had their own story, some from different cultures. Similar stories to for example Jesus, existed in a Hercules, Isis, Horas and others. Those stories, especially before the printing press, remained undocumented or if deemed important, were stories filled with speculation and myth. All of the so called messengers of god were stories updated from prior stories in time. The past few years, a very few archeologists of religion history have sought credible, objective verification of these stories with no agenda other then facts and truth.  

Absolutely nothing can be hidden from us as in the past, and we can support or not histories allegations with undeniable evidence as to what has taken place. If necessary, we can take you into the secret clandestine libraries of  antiquity such as in the vatican. No one involved has anywhere to hide, and you may be sure that they will be revealed for the misinformation on the people. The way of those researching the past religion’s origins is not to seek revenge, but is a passion or duty to put the record straight so that your history is correctly recorded with explanation.

Religions in this day, play an important part in human development even though most if not all religion characters have been shown logically to have come from prior centuries and cultures to create many stories that have relevance to this day for guidance and inspiration. There are many predecessor stories to those in the bible be it about Jesus, Moses, Noah, Abraham, etc. that had many similarities to each character in the bible or other ‘holy books’. To see the characters, whether ‘in belief’ or as ‘archetypes’ of examples of human behavior, the messages have allegorical value even though meanings in words have changed over time, and it may be necessary to ‘cherry pick’ that which makes common sense or value as measuring sticks of ‘walking in the light of highest choices’. 

I’ve heard there is a highway to Hell and a stairway to heaven. Take the stairway route, rather than the one that probably has a lot of accidents on the highway. The message is to live in the highest realm that you can with an aware, discerning mind that has an open connection to the heart. Choosing Jesus as an archetype for what god would want to see in you is a path of love. 
Inline imageAcharya – author of The Christ Conspiracy

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