Old People Baggage

Old People Baggage
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 June 13, 2018
Senior citizens are the most valuable asset to help wake people up for an evolving world. They, collectively, have more money, time, and wisdom. The younger, collectively, are too busy. Busy being successful making money & chasing rainbows, paying off school debts, wondering how they can afford houses like their parents, raising kids and generally wasting down time on things like watching ‘net flicks’. etc., etc’s….even abuse of drugs. This is a ‘one unique time of life on earth’ where opportunities for everything are infinite.

Live expectancy is at least 25 years more than 100 years ago. Besides technology that didn’t exist a few short years ago, information on personal enlightenment/evolvement is readily available to correct all traumas and negatives of the past going back to childhood. Problem is at least 95% of people are too lazy to give attention to inner and outer health living, even those sugarless, granola, yoga types. Superficial living is unexamined living both inner and outer for world contribution. 

Inner breakout can happen at any age, but humans have a history of ignoring their inner attentions with its ingrained, unchanging habits while learning to make friends with their personal problems by ignoring them and looking for satisfaction in the outer world. Problem is, hoping inner problems will go away is not in the laws of life. Everything that’s in  disrepair or just not functioning like it’s best, doesn’t ever fix itself.
Hiding from the truth of who we are with bad habit foibles that cause a boomerang effect on not only you but create barriers of heartfelt communication with others, most of whom are dealing with different but same unresolved personal banters. Encouragement for those younger coming up is a gift that those reaching ages of continuing maturity can and should give. In a strange way, each of us is always beyond age numbers, except for the body we’ve grown with. However many get too identified with the aging body and let the mind and heart become attached. Each is a spiritual entity choosing to be in a body for lessons and experiences that are best happening in the three dimensional  world.

Treat your self with love and positivity, and forget not that sometimes you have to treat someone as the person you want them to be in order to get them to become better. Throughout life slow down and let the speedy pass you by for likely they will be missing  the meditative qualities of all life. Be light inside and bring up smiles of thankfulness upon rising in the morning as well as before going to sleep with dreams of joy and blessings.

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