Word, Words, Words

Words, Words, Words
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June 9, 2018
All words are lies! Words are forever twisted to meet the individual or collective agenda to mean something totally different than what is really intended and/or resulting. They could be called, ‘cognitive distortions’. ‘’You’re the end and my beginning, even when I lose I’m winning as I give you all of me and you give me all of you’’ is from a popular song. However, in real life with divorces and breakups happening like rain on a blustery day, it becomes words that scoot out from under reality, like water on the loose. (fortunately for the illusion ‘breakers’, there are exceptions.)

The major media, controlled by corporations, advertising agendas, as well as private moneyed interests with a desire for control of the populace are having a ‘field day’ with gullible people – sadly. Major interests have the money to hire experts from Madison Ave. in New York to come up with ‘words’ that are most effective for control to market their information and product. Those with something to sell are grateful, and use the word techniques to make more money in addition to the support of ‘word juggling’. What pleases one, offends another. 
Religions are major purveyors of thought controls by literal interpretation to uses of techniques like their interpretation to validate messages or scripture by use of subjective parables, allegory, etc. Falseness in religions is using outer unquestioned habits to control inner thinking. Religion is an inner awakening of consciousness not mindless unquestioning ritual. Real religion means to ‘reunite with your inner self’, and is not about words and the attachment to them while that could be with any subjective meaning. 

Often emotions convey messages much more accurately. Examples are from body language including expressions that go from anger to love and compassion without words and every emotion in-between. Words from the giver to the receiver can perfectly transmit what’s said and meant from source to receiver, and yet can be conveyed wrong, heard wrong both positive and negative. Interesting that information by expressions an often be better understood by infants than by adults.

Love is everywhere, but most get just a trickle. The power of unspoken love energy can be crueler than death, but like lightening from angelic sources that ignites a feeling that embeds within forever. The will of love comes like the wind 
coming and going. If the wordless heart energy is deep, love stays to guide all words to their best meaning and positive interpretation. Always know that actions speak louder than words, or the lack thereof. Send and receive the invisible power of love.
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