You Created It!!!

You Created It!!!
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 June 5, 2018
You feel you’re small and insignificant? Try sleeping in a room alone, except with a mosquito. Tough realizations are the basis of being ‘spiritual’. To be spiritual is not for cry babies or tender egos. To be spiritual at times is like a war with the enemy – the false you that has become like a barnacle on a ship – attached. Being a split between being enamored or unhappy with how you see yourself is a battle that only exists because nothing is done to fix the broken you from the perfection that lies deep inside you! Like it or not, it’s you who have decided to be here alive in a world of constant challenges. This is ‘the deal’ to make life more responsible!

It takes great courage to accept life as a spiritual process. You have to look at all your imperfections and fix them to their highest possibility. Your imperfections are perfect, you just have to see and act on them. The wise person is enlightened enough to know within him is ‘all people’ from a killer to a conscious, loving being. He just chooses the ‘high’ journey through life and doesn’t put himself in situations where he is relegated to a ‘lower being’.

A pessimist sees the problem in every difficulty, a positive thinker sees the opportunity and challenge in every difficulty. 
A life of either can be accepted and/or changed. If it’s not accepted, what happens is  your creation to not changing it. If that isn’t done, then accept what comes, for you created the situation. Looking for excuses is to make excuses for what ails your responsibility and inner development. Wisdom accepts ownership of everything including that emotionally and mentally by looking at what part is played in situations especially where there seems to be no answer. You did agree to live today, and with it comes your way of handling it.

What you’re looking for has been here the whole time. Wake up and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Just look down to the forgotten heart and give it the nurturing and attention in collaboration with a receptive mind, and the answers to life will always flourish. The question is always asked, ‘who created the universe’. Take responsibility that you can create not only the best you by choosing to, but making the best of all situations. One person can change the world you live and the bigger world for better or worse.

Wake up from the dream state. Use common sense, compassion, sensitivities, and intelligence when looking at how ‘you created it’. To create happiness, you have to create a great understanding about yourself and life. Life has no meaning unless you create meaning! All unhappiness or happiness is created by you as well as all in-between. There is freedom within!


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