Turn Outside In

Turn Outside In        

April 29, 2018
Talking your walk is more common that the high conscious proverbial, ‘walk your talk’. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, intuitions, sentiments, etc. are in your head, and it’s a fallacy to think they are in your heart. Your heart is merely a blood pumping, although critical, device. They are however aligned with each other in a very succinct way. One with out the other, or with little connection is to live a broken, shallow life &/or destructive life.

When we are talking about the empty heart, we are really talking about the empty mind. Buddha has used the word heart instead of mind because mind has become associated with the idea that it is only the process of thinking, and the process of feeling is in the heart, and the heart is deeper.
“These ideas have been created by the poets. But the truth is, you can call it empty mind or you can call it empty heart; it is the  same. Emptiness – you are just a watcher and all around there is nothing with which you are identified, there is nothing to which you are clinging. This non-clinging watchfulness is the empty mind, no-mind, or empty heart. These are simply words. The real thing is emptiness – of all thoughts, feelings, sentiments, emotions. Only a single point of witnessing remains.’’

A story of living on the outside: 
 A young businessman got out of his car and rushed into the hospital. He asked the receptionist “How is my mother? When and why was she admitted?” The doctor who happened to be there said, “Your mother suffered a mild stroke. She was brought to the hospital in time by the elderly couple sitting there. Please see to the other formalities.” The son said that his secretary was taking care of them and thanked the elderly couple profusely. “I am sorry I don’t recognize you”, he said.  The lady replied that they didn’t know him either. The son was surprised. “How do you know my mother?” he asked. The gentleman replied “she is a member of our WhatsApp group”. The son looked dazed.
The gent continued “we have a group on WhatsApp – The 65 plus group. Everyone sixty and above is a member. It is the duty of the members to enroll those in their neighborhood.  Everyone has to send a “Good Morning” message everyday. Similarly, in the afternoon and night.  The members can chat, exchange views etc thereafter. If we do not receive the mandatory messages everyday, the neighboring members are alerted and they make it a point to visit the member. This morning, we didn’t get the message from your mother. That’s why we are here.”
“It is not enough if you have provided your parents with all the facilities money can buy,” he continued. “They need people to talk to. When was the last time you visited your mother?”
The son couldn’t answer immediately.   
“See, that’s why we have this group. Otherwise, we 65+people would be talking to walls and windows” the couple said as they left.

Seek your self worth; find it within. Make your reputation first from the inside. See who you are! Take the highroad without ignoring the negative for it is a teacher to learn out how to turn it in, and convert it to an illuminated you that experiences the outside in the  best light possible.
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