Habitual Bitch

Habitual Bitch
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April 24, 2018
You are your habits! Good habits, bad habits, the bad ones weaken the good ones. Escaping the burrowing of habits that you may not see as bad ones but that others or another sees as bad ones is like trying to escape from a high security prison. Actually, truth be told, it’s much easier but for the stubborn habit of refusing to to anything about them. You are your past, good or bad. Looking around most wear their bad habits or refuse to change negative ones no more than any animal does. You’re not ‘god’ but the next best thing to create a better you.

We are the only living thing on the planet that has the ability to make radical changes in how we appear in our behaviors and inner way of seeing things. No one should accept their habits to not examine their behavior without relentless self improvement. Complaints about others verbal or action behavior habits may not be easy to relay to them, but best to look at yourself and then pick connections with others who do the same. 

Annoying habits are endless, the worst being not seeing your own that others are not happy with, and yet put up with them  because of their fear of letting you go, or finding not having the where-with-all to either inform you, or hitting a  brick wall when they do. However, when you point the finger at another, verbally acknowledge anything that others see as a problem from you. 

Some of the infinite annoying fixable bad habits that I encounter, range from substance abuse, monopolizing of conversation, focusing on the negative, messy, not listening, talking about yourself endlessly, ignoring asking others in regards to any of your behaviors, not keeping agreements as small as ‘timeliness’, rarely giving while taking, making personal judgments, misuse of finances, not letting go of past negatives, not taking responsibility and correcting what bothers others, also known as not being sensitive to all living things and even non living things. 

To be spiritual is to use common sense and come from the heart. Everyone is spiritual it’s just that most don’t abide by those two simple suggestions. Luke warm to the best living and loving is punishable by often not feeling as good as you can in the mind and heart. We are called the ‘human race’ because we are blessed to have the most capabilities, but it’s like a ‘race’ to see if we can maximize the inner qualities before we end our stay on earth. Now is the best time for an ‘extreme makeover’ or at least a good Spring cleaning and replanting of good habits while weeding away bad ones! 


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