Conditional Love

C o n d i t i o n a l  L o v eInline image April 14, 2018
Always hold back before giving away all your love. Always look both ways before crossing an intersection, don’t worry about what’s on the street behind you, chances are good that you’ll be safe…at least most of the time? Isn’t that called ‘conditional crossing of the street’? Safety has no conditions. Love if it’s real and you’re the master of it, then there are no conditions that are not mutually agreed upon in a mind and heart coupling of love. Real love is always a safety net that consistently is reliable.

Broken love promises are like a ‘broken net’ that doesn’t really catch you, but at best breaks the fall that sometimes is recoverable from. Love doing your best, and beyond just ‘trying’, for that means there is a gap which is conditional. Most love is always cheated on whether it’s physical or not. Real love has an unspoken agreement that forever nourishes it’s aroma, and becoming part of your soul’s DNA. There is no ‘Catch-22’ or exceptions. Whatever definition you have of God, right to wrong, there is no confusion. It is your life.
Conditional love comes from not knowing how to remove the inner obstacles, or not even seeking them and using them as tools to open the heart and detach harsh memories attaching  to the mind. Love is freedom! Freedom from the accumulating baggage or the past, which by the way, is a magnate that attracts validation luggage onto what’s already clinging to you. Death is instantaneous even if the road to is long. Love has the ability to transform you instantaneously with little preparation, although tilling the soil or clearing the accumulated attached to ‘lumps’ increases the possibility of ‘instantaneous transformation’. It’s all up to you!

Light up your life by lightening the load of garbage that you drag around which often you’re burying deeper by ‘drugging’ for instant delight that is really just an off and on light like a ‘roller coaster’ that is up and down or off an on. To be ‘enlightened’ is to be a spirit that is light in all it’s meanings. The dawning of love and light is your builtin quest that must be in the forefront of your consciousness. 

Love doesn’t need to lie or be deceptive. Real love never leaves you, and is always there if you ‘forget’. Pump up the love within which can be done by opening your experience to meditating that pumps up the heart and at the same time detaches you from negatives of the past. Meditation is your personal love pump, and the gift is that ‘love is the secret meditation’! Love and meditation open consciousness. Consciousness wants to create new consciousness, and it can.  Imagination is how it does it.  If there were some ultimate state of consciousness, imagination would always be able to play another card and take it further. Love has endless possibilities. Why put barriers around it. Love is freedom, AND LOVE IS FREE!

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