Lost in Heaven

Lost in Heaven 
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March 21, 2018
Lost in Heaven is better than being lost in Hell! Always think of positive reasons for everything, and ask yourself what you have gained even from a loss. What have you gained from meditation or more love? Many will say ‘nothing’! Maybe if you get out of the way of your mind and look outside common dualistic thinking, you just might think of what you have lost: anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death. Get out of your head and go where ever you want! Look into the eyes of your heart, and others will see it too!

Look deeply into your heart eyes of positivity always, and the method will own you! Stop doing something close to nothing about making a global shift inside you. Life isn’t some Disneyland romance or Kabuki theater drama. Know what is going on in the world especially today as it’s changing in the blink of an eye. Also know that what you’re seeing is filled with your perception of where you’re coming from.

You hold the truth within who you are, and are not. Every physician has on their wall a certificate of credibility including the statement, ‘Practicing Physician’. You and each one is a practicing ‘human being’, always with an opportunity to   know anything including who you are, why you are here at this moment in time, where you are going, and everything about the rest of the real story. Being lost in the puddle of illusion at this moment is the opportunity when the veils can be opened like never before. Everyday being just in survival like an animal is not acknowledging what god would be happy with. Let’s assume you were put here for a purpose, and not just for survival with no climbing the ladder of the heaven within you is to be the same as any animal.

You are a spiritual warrior who can open the gates of heaven or hell within you. Actually, the gates of hell open easily if you pay little attention to the stairwell to the positive.  Remember, Heaven’s gates and hell are not geographical. Search for the best one otherwise the world is just an echo chamber.  The Devil is the fallen human being, God is the risen human being. God is the ultimate possibility of your positive consciousness The Devil is your ultimate fall and negative side. There is nobody like the Devil existing somewhere. Want to meet the devil – he’s inside you. You’ll never encounter God unless you become God. One of the great secrets is to keep moving up and up. And, know that the future can’t be understood with rising in the light unless you own your past, and let go. You are free – know it!
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  1. This is a good one. I moved to Portland because of what is going on out in many of the states. What is going on is very schizophrenic. Having experiences that opened my eyes, often leaves me feeling dark. However, there is movement, as you say, a shift of knowing our responsibility to be co-creators of a new world. I do ponder the ignorance of many, but in the mire there is always Positive Energy going on. Sometimes you have to get out of your way, to find it.

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