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February 9, 2018
A loveless marriage will screw up those who seek to find the mysteries of life and the soul. How many marriages start out as a main reason for a steady screw with love being just that ‘tail wagging the dog’? Chasing ‘tail’ covertly while surreptitiously minding the marriage store is to be ‘chasing your tail’, and doomed to be a gutter partnering that only resembles the real thing in name only. Screwing around with a purported ‘love’ is like a bank clerk taking a little extra out of the money till for themselves. 

Truth is, few are ready for marriage, but out of ‘love being blind’ take the plunge anyway often with one partner pushing ‘the urge on the verge of a merge’. Success at this or that in life has little to do with inner harmony with oneself. The human specie continues generation after generation over the millennia with little signs of improvement in showing consciousness of love with its’ empathy, compassion, and general quality. Viola! We all have just arrived at  different ages at the peak of opportunity to evolve beyond our ancestors who’s biggest battle has always been the war of the sexes.

Life has been waiting for this time pinnacle, and for you to rise above your lessons of what hasn’t worked that well in your love bouts. Love between two people is one of the greatest meditations if  not the greatest. However, rarely has the past anywhere provided ‘fertile ground’ for it to happen. If you were lucky (?), you had one partner. Both were likely from abused childhoods and both took them to bed while they shared the same sheets. Strange, rare are those couples who communicated openly on how to un-attach from those traumas that blocks their entry into deep love. The keys to deep love are easily available today, even if hidden in plain sight, other distractions are given priority ‘endlessly’. Love is sadly dumped because unresolved issues have caused the love dumping. 

Today, I connected at my free speech display with a casual friend for the third day in a row with a story of rising above ‘marital struggles’. John is a 72 year old very aware musician. His girl friend (saw her pictures) of a couple of years is a 76 year old musician/artist (best youngest looking over 70 I’ve ever seen). They both have had long careers in marriages and relationships that didn’t work. Maybe John got some help from my ‘relationship essays (who knows?)’, but the two of them have one thing in common – they both are intent on doing what’s necessary to finally form the best evolved coupling either has had. I was curious if the physical passion was still alive. John’s answer, ‘more than ever’ as they both feel free of past attachments that caused limitations. One of my favorite expressions is, ‘there is no end, and the beginning hasn’t started – not just yet! Love is waiting for everyone, just let go and be free. 
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