Do We Need God?

Do We Need God?

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January 9, 2018
Is God a drunk, or the divine breath of life? Look around at things where it comes to ‘made in his image’, which is you and I. After millions of years, THIS IS ALL HE COULD COME UP WITH? Or has the ‘free choice’ idea given to mankind resulted in not listening, feeling, and taking responsibility? Sad state of affairs! Some of us have to scratch our heads and wonder why we chose to be here? Or was it a choice? Certainly it’s a choice when we are old enough to choose to be here and participate in the world, or sadly act like the world owes you a good life. You owe the world, and not living off of it like it’s your right! Do we need a ‘mother god’, or is the one we have both male and female, but are always fighting like most couples? Do we need life? Doesn’t seem that life needs us – we need to be more thankful!

God has a hard on! He’s a sadist? He hides from us – but for those who are deluded into saying they see him? Is imagination of the bibles words with no questions of it’s mysteries a  form of heresy. Billions of people live out their lives praying or not, and yet not really knowing what they are doing here before the curtain drops. We live in the muddy waters of ignorance in that as humans, most choose to live in what is not known, but by belief and faith ignoring the truth within. WE are pregnant with infinite perceptions and interpretations, and yet avoid opening the windows of the heart.     

What we can conceive, we can achieve – which gives me an idea for more world peace! Someone should invent a way where the human world can be put into silence for one hour per week. A good time would be at 11 am on Sundays where everyone in the ‘world over’ can make no sounds (in language anyway) Maybe  we’ll be on the same page of ‘godliness’ then!?

When we begin to listen to that little voice inside, we find space opens up within us. It is relief. Huge relief. Our hearts become quiet. There is peace and freedom from the tyranny of fear and anxiety that so often holds us hostage. And when we accept whatever is occurring, with grace instead of resentment or hostility (ego), more space opens up within us. A softening occurs. Relief again. What we are doing with both is we have let go of our resistances.  Few are not looking for something more. Short answer: Change your vibration by letting go and breath in breaths of love.The question and answer has ‘fleas’, so scratch your head for an ‘aha’ moment!

No one can or has defined god. Live in ‘harmonious positioning’ to everything and godliness will quietly shower blessings your way! Know that: There is no God
                 There is a god      
                 Both are lies!  Let love in!

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