Seething at Truth

Seething at Truth

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 December 20, 2017
Burn baby burn! Have you stopped flying to the truth and settled into the knowledge of illusion while you roll through life with blinders on? Truth is relative to people who mistake their perceptions for truth. Makes little sense to blow on the embers of truth and light a fire that burns truth to ashes. Avoidance of truth may be comforting but ultimately is a reflection of not letting go of dark issues from prior times. Humans can be like animals, and deny seeing except through their senses without any questioning of why this, that, how, where and anything the mind can figure out. 

We are the only living creature with the god given abilities to see anything that’s possible, particularly in todays elite environment of every resource available from technology to methods to clear the mind and heart’s plate of scraps that are rotting away. Those ‘scraps are the cause of the great common disease of depression that is a cloud over infinite individuals and humanity. Not every body is living a life of Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah … many are just depressed.

Truth sets fire to many a mind and heart, or better said, the ego of false self preservation of what’s in the tool box on the shoulders burns into ‘denial’. Millions resort to drowning themselves in ecstasy pacifiers also know for babies as blinky’s or technically,  ‘silicone nipples given for an infant to suck on’! Booze or drugs are misused to bring temporary ‘feel goods’, and are really about avoiding the truths of unresolved issues. One of the problems with this is, all love will be broken and mixed with self hate and small moments of  weak love. The collapse of both social and mental structures is part of the awakening. Be malleable.

Do you paralyze yourself from hearing or finding the truth by avoiding the clarity needed to detach from the ‘pains’ that cause chasing illusionary knowledge that is just smoke and floating flotsam in the mind? The self justice in that is like prevailing sunlight in a sewer. The time to drain your personal sewer or swamp is now to enable you to see the light which is ‘love unlimited’! Only you can control the weather in yourself, and wether or not you live in those Mediterranean breezes of enlightenment. The great tool of clearing the skies within was never popularly heard of in the United States until the 1960’s when the techniques began trickling in from India into what now has become a flood of many types of yoga and meditation that can be tailored to suit anyone for reaching out to more bliss and letting go of the attachment to the clouds and darkness of your everyday. 

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