Rising in Love

Rising in Love
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December 15, 2017
Falling in love too often comes with ‘falling out of love’. The songs about love and falling in love have contributed to programming near everyone with a fairy tale future that is like a soap bubble, but… There really is something much better than a fairy tale that’s real, only rare is the one who takes it seriously even though you and everyone should.
The rush of the energy of love is most often like a beautiful, warm Spring day that is followed by every type weather in the book while you still expect every day to be like that Spring day.

When I lived in New York City for 20 years beginning in my early 20’s, totally in a new world of constant adventure, the weather was always not a big factor in my daily enjoyments, or for that matter any otherwise undesirable situations. Why? After the first year or so there, I began ‘reinventing’ anything that was a ‘block’ to making the best of everyday, which of course soon became an ‘automatic adaptation’ to choosing the highest possibilities under all circumstances. 
Early on I sought all means to be as much in my real deep feeling sense of who I really was deep down inside. We all have that ‘deep down inside’ essence, call it an angel if you will. It just has to be nurtured to grow above the weeds which, of course, can soon be eliminated.

Love bonding for ‘better or worse’ is typically a combination of drama with a smattering of love and responsibility ‘ala one’s individual perception’ and not necessarily compatible with the others perception. In a so called good marriage you need the following: 1- a bad memory; 2- be hard of hearing; 3- always saying ‘you’re right’, and take it one foot in front of the other! That could be  referred to as the results of ‘falling from love’, but still clinging to some semblance of ‘the love falling’. A practical marriage with consideration and empathy for each other is never to be dismissed, but…

When baking a cake, missing or wrong ingredients make for a cake but not one you’d like to make again. Same with a coupling! Rising and going deep in love and always moving in that direction (which becomes automatic at a certain point) requires each person to find ways to love themselves with no attachment to past negatives. Is that realistic? Absolutely, although rare because people ‘settle in’ and ignore focusing on inner qualities that when payed attention to automatically raise the love within you and the other in tandem. It’s a ‘team effort’ or it’s not a flight into love and it’s eternal blessings. Not a fairy tale, but real and better. 

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