Conscious Ecstasy

Conscious Ecstasy
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 December 17, 2017
Are you a slave to the mind, or flowing with the freedom to step outside of it into consciousness? The mind can be like an ashtray with unusable thoughts that make your life less than blissful. Everyone is redeemable to upright themselves on a path of consciousness and light. The ‘you’ that is playing in the dirt on Earth, isn’t the real you. The real YOU is your soul and higher self. Our souls are much wiser and loving than what gets expressed in your daily life due to our minds and egos getting in the way.

Wisdom is still in relatively short supply and the state of our world sadly reflects this. You have chosen to ignore your potential of love and positivity making it so your hearts cannot feel you rising in consciousness, compassion, love, etc. Change yourself and you have the opportunity to be a significant part of changing humanity even though the change seems like ‘pie in the  sky’ wishing. 

The earth and humanity are currently in the early mid-stages of a massive shift of consciousness, this shift is being orchestrated by the godliness of the universe, and we are nearing the tipping point where the light will illuminate all the dark corners of humanity. Be  excited that you are a part of a major shift into a new conscious paradigm more than at any time of the earth’s millions of years of existence. Don’t be shy or afraid about flaunting your excitement.

Let go of fears, judgments, and condemnations, instead responding to the affirmative, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion. In the long run, it works better. We have all been on a negative path from time to time in this and former lives. We came here at this opportune time to experience the evolution or our consciousness as well as to have a good time.

Being stuck, in the same old, same old ways is to sink into the darker and darker realms of experiencing anything including the excitement to grow into the light of consciousness. The root reason for your stagnation of being is continuing in the direction of ignoring inner habits such as general negativities and unnecessary fears that have become lifetime attachments as barriers to living in the light of positivity. There is no one size of journey that fits all to walk up the ladder of a higher conscious view, but it’s time to fit into your path here and now.

Commit to looking for creative solutions to living—because your current state of living is the prelude to inventing the future. That’s what living is for. Negativity is a swamp of quick sand that only gets you deeper into it until you make the decision to move out of it. Outside of it is freedom and freedom with awareness and discernment creates walking on the waters or heights of life and love. We have the ability to create a wonderful new reality with our unconditional love for ourselves and infinite others. You are everything and everything is you! The mind and heart are like a parachute – safest when they are open!

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