Jesus Idolization

Jesus Idolization

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December 4, 2017
The ‘invisible’ is the most powerful. Love of Jesus is a step into the invisible that gives life more love. However, never forget the love of self, for otherwise a Jesus can become a barrier to ignoring your depths within. To say you know Jesus while struggling with inner demons is a conflict that must be acknowledged as having a ‘gap’ or polarity dividing the invisible with the invisible beauty that is buried in the dark of your being. Consistently thinking about ‘Jesus’ can become what I call ‘Jesusitis’ or an obsessive compulsive attachment to Jesus that results in forgetting to know your inner self.

Life is its own meaning when experienced directly and intimately, free of the egocentric filters of separation. Only the egocentric filters of separation can experience life as negatively meaningless. Inside everyone is the inner light that  softens and illuminates all experiences with access to love, and not a mixture between weak self love and negativity being the prevailing mindset. Seek and you shall find. Do nothing but stay in the mind while ignoring the heart, and the days to the end will be less than the blissfulness and joy that comes with a heart filled with love.

The spirit of Jesus is the spirit that is available within you where all fears of intimacy and expression are transformed into opportunities to find the light in all situations. Loving a Jesus or Buddha is not the same as loving yourself where a resonance is more possible that can be seen and felt in 3-D. Within you is a spirit of consciousness or Jesus as you rise and walk in a higher and higher love. At that point, a Jesus or Buddha is no longer  necessary to follow. A knowing happens that is beyond belief. Jesus has been a stepping stone journey into a higher realm where you are free with the love, awareness, and discernment as guides. In a true sense, Jesus and the scriptures is within as they were with Jesus.

It’s easy to love a symbol as you can relax and protect yourself from having to face the reality of letting go of your obstacles that would surely be exposed in a love relation with someone in the physical. Life has choices. Loving Jesus is fine but can be selling yourself short out of fear of seeing the reality of the mirroring with another. Remember every body’s got a hungry heart that yearns for the love of another in the flesh, and the love of yourself apart from a dependency on scriptures. Why coast through life, and from the love that you want. When you are love you have found God or better yet God has found you!

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