Protecting the Enemy Within

Protecting Enemy Within
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 December 13, 2017

The enemy within is your unresolved issues beginning from childhood. In every holy book from eons ago, wisdom prevailed. One of the ‘scriptures’ of a loving self is to love your enemy as yourself. Problem with that is that few have reached beyond the collage of hatred and negatives of self that are interspersed with positive ‘feel bytes’ with the occasional parting of the ‘clouds of despair’. Worse, it becomes accepted as part of who you think you are. We become deluded with  who we think we are, and it’s comforting to protect the enemy within, strangely even more than those on the outside of our life.

There are no steps to self-realization. Nothing is gradual about it. It happens suddenly and is irrevocable. It is not going to happen while your upper closet on your shoulders is filled with nonsense that you are still attached to from the past. It’s your own damn fault it you don’t do personal housekeeping! 

In an explosion of self realization, which does happen differently for each, you rotate into a new dimension, and seen from the previous ones as having been mere abstractions. Just like on sunrise, you see things as they are, so on self  realization you see everything as it is. The world off illusion is left behind. You have awakened hoping that the collective of the world can also let go of illusions and become a planet of superconscious humans with self realization. It’s a TKO of the  past attachments to illusions. 

The scriptures disappear into your heart enabling you to see your way. In other words, it is beyond words! The way of the enlightened is personal and can’t be told in words, just as god can only be felt but not perfectly described in words. Be unattached from the mind and see that it is just part of your steering the way through lives obstacles and opportunities. The condition is really your own nature expressed like the full bloom of a beautiful flower. 

Becoming a friend to the rif-raf within is to love your wrong enemy superficially when deep love unattaches you from your internal enemy. Why get stuck in a state of ‘cognitive dissonance’ or getting stuck in a core false belief even be it that who you wake up to every day is the real you? When you are presented with new evidence that works against your beliefs, why not accept the new evidence that you see in glimpses of natures positive blessings as something to pay attention to, and seek ways to make it a permanent self realization. Time to let go of of the internal enemies by stopping the rationalizations and denials of everything that supports the illusion. Life isn’t going to provide a ‘tooth fairy’ to automatically bless you at will. Life and a deep inner self love is the real godliness that no longer need be avoided. You’ll like you better when you’re with the ‘real you’! It’s a great freedom from the enemy within!

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