Walking on Eggshells

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 December 15, 2017
‘Walking on eggshells’ or walking on thin ice is to be overly careful in dealing with a person or situation because they get angry or offended very easily. This concept occurs in situations of emotional pollution caused by one or more people. It hardly matters to the one not seeing or willing to rectify the situation, as to tell them is to walk on eggshells in anticipation of unwanted stress or anger from them. Bottom line – having to walk on thin ice may be necessary, but rarely a healthy place to be in for long. Another term for this ‘fragile’ situation is having to be ‘politically correct’. This leads to omission of truths that consequently cover up lies. 

Either you cause people to walk on eggshells and/or you encounter others who cause the discomfort. Those who cause others to walk on eggshells, rarely own their personal maladies. Bad or annoying habits cloud many people’s clear, harmonious ways. They are symptoms of underlying, unresolved issues, and few using the opportunity to acknowledge them to another with compassion in mind. One example of this is, people who bury themselves in a scriptural religion that really is a cover of denying that they initiate discomfort in others by censoring any of their communication creating a common sense fear of some form of reprisal. 

Tip toeing through the tulips is an expression meaning to walk and talk carefully so as not to step on the tulips, or better said, watching that what your ‘two lips’ might say that could set off the smoke alarm of miscommunication that isn’t easy to just turn off. Everyone has their definition of ‘open mindedness’, but the gap between the ‘eggshell person’ and the one who isn’t bothered by anything said is sometimes light years in between. 

A deep self inquiry to empty emotional attachments to a past that is still imprisoned within is needed to be freed of being controlled by all verbal language that is interpreted through a faulty perception. The free flow of giving and receiving of words through dialog is healthy and compassionate. Isolating mental, emotional and spiritual ways isolates you from a healthy connection with others. Fear of expression and willful ignorance is to negate healthy freedoms. Conscious discernment and skillful means of positive interaction is a good suggestion to avoid various angsts. We may be born and live our early years as a ‘self deficient’, but growing up  is about being responsible including focusing on inner evolvement, call it self sufficiency. Devote yourself to separating real life from fantasy!
Better to walk on spiritual water than eggshells!
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