Squelching Sadness

Squelching Sadness
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December 10, 2017
Nothing in life is guaranteed, but for the souls removal from who you have lived as. However, that being said, many experiences are sure to come from the bodily, mental, emotional, and love or livings experiences from many dimensions. Sadness is one of the dimensions. Sadness clearly is not a mind/emotional experience that we seek, and yet one that you would not want to avoid as a response to a perception that while it may be an erroneous one, or a heart rendering experience, it may always remind you of how fragile life can be. 

All emotions are necessary. What if you had no ability to feel the pain of a loved one who has gone, with no feelings coming up, or on the flip side, know someone you value having no feelings at anytime toward you? There is a price for the gift of life, and at some point as you matured, you choose, consciously or unconsciously to accept the bargain. Reaching physical maturity, most have the clear opportunity to rise above any ‘ashes’ like a phoenix rising to greater senses  of being. You, going deeper, are a ‘soul’ that chose a body apparently to learn more than could be learned in ‘another dimension’. We are eternal survivors who have a choice to make the best choices one step at a time.

Healthy sadness is nature’s way to have you cope with circumstances in the best way for you to grieve or process someone or thing that you valued, but was taken away. Never find  ways to avoid sadness. Some people become overly happy, or so it seems. It can be a way of unconsciously burying nature’s way of healing, instead continuing a pattern of repressing that will add to your inability to know and love yourself or anyone else with depth and sincerity. Take away the ability to feel with a clear mind and heart, you then become less of being a human walking in godliness and to the degree that you have ‘blocks’ or fears of intimacy. You become ‘flat’. In the worst case, a psychopath which is someone who has lost the ability to feel empathy or compassion except from the mind that serves their agenda, without regard for others.

Accept your sadness! Love creates sadness when it is a longing for a deeper connection of love. When or if you do reach a deep love within and/or with someone mutually, the sadness takes on another quality that becomes the peak of a sadness that is filled with a quiet blissfulness and peace of acceptance. In a way, sadness has a natural feeling of blessingness or gratitude within it. Talking the talk is not the same as walking the walk, as to mentally suppress or squelch sadness to avoid it is not walking the walk. Let go of negative attachments no matter their intensity, and you will climb the ladder of true natural godly positivity. Real love is not momentary. Sadness is nurtured by a deep love.

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