Dumb & Smarter

Dumber & Smarter
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 November 6, 2017
As the gap between technology and the human mind grows bigger daily, all humans have become stupider. High IQ’s fall even more as they have been conditioned to feel an ‘entitlement’ that loses sight of the ‘important’ and its changes. Just to be fair, there are some people who get smarter in one or two personal characteristics. A wise person, who should have entered into that ‘mysterious’ category as age comes upon them, will admit regardless of perceived ‘smarts’ that they know less and less. If they don’t admit that, be suspicious of their intellect.

Changes in the outer world from technology, to how to know this and that better and better, while seeing that all advertisements are driven by money and salesmanship is a small part of getting wiser. A maturing person in consciousness and experience will have a good understanding that everything, including any information, may not be what it’s purported to be. Having been a corporate  salesman in NYC, we are trained to turn objections into advantages and benefits. The quota has to be made. So it is with all things with money value. Do the research on everthing, then cross your fingers that you’ve ‘got it down’.

Most turn to ‘stone’ at an early age learning cleverness and other people’s advise going back centuries without realizing you may not understand it, or maybe the writer doesn’t really either, and has just done a copy and paste job form other sources who may also be guessing. Then  what is meant may not be grasped correctly as someones words were meant.

Always it’s time to stop and realize that you may have unknowingly created an information, mental, emotional, and spiritual compost that frankly, smells. There are methods to have a mental, emotional, and spiritual colonic. Those ‘colonic’s’ will slowly clear what you are stuck on that has petrified almost into ‘stone’. Resisting change for better results comes when you ‘atrophy’ rather than moving upward and with evolving improvements. The phrase ‘brain washing has a dual meaning.  One being that you have succumbed to erroneous information or useless ‘going no where’ activities, be they gambling, imbibing stimulants, worrying, and anything that floats your boat against the tide of flowing with the more positive. A real brain wash is like a colonic – washing out all that serves no purpose.

Letting go of attachments that linger as negatives allows insights and wisdom to grow. True wisdom only comes from the heart and inner love of self. Accumulating information creates a mental paralysis when the heart is shut off creating one into being like a human computer or the ‘Tin man in the Wizard of Oz who is looking for his heart. Get in touch with your love side, if you don’t know how, seek meditation techniques and perhaps someone who has a handle on how to open your heart wide and forever. 
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